5 notes when designing bedroom for older people you should know

Older people often have reduced health, so the layout, bedroom design is different from the bedroom of young people.

Note about soundproofing

The most basic requirement when designing an adult bedroom is that the door, window and wall should be soundproofed with materials such as glass wool, gypsum board, PE foam … This is because older people often have difficulty falling asleep, sometimes just a small sound can cause them to wake up, badly affecting their health.

Note about light issues

Older eyesight significantly reduced, so the need for natural light enough, should not be too harsh should not be too dark, can just enough light and avoid the occurrence of diseases such as vision degeneration, calcification bones … The lack of light has a dark feeling, it is easy to make old people feel lonely, depression causing many health problems.

Bedrooms for older people should be light to moderate, mild

Bedrooms for older people should be light to moderate, mild

Note about bedroom direction

The older one is best for the south, and can also be turned north. The other direction is east and west due to hot summer is not suitable. In addition, the bedroom for the elderly should also have good ventilation function but avoid the wind blowing directly into the room.

Note on interior layout, floor

Most older people are not as flexible as young people, so choosing items that restrict the use of sharp, sharp objects. In addition, the installation of overhead wardrobe or drawer below the knee is not appropriate. If possible, place a chair with a rubber cushion in the room so that the instructor can sit and read.

Another thing to keep in mind is that adult bedroom floors absolutely do not use smooth ceramic tiles, or materials that make them fall apart.

Limit to use of slippery flooring materials in older people's bedrooms

Limit to use of slippery flooring materials in older people’s bedrooms

Note about the bedroom color

For decorating and designing bedroom colors for older people, you should choose simple, cool colors and absolutely avoid the use of flashy colors, strange shapes because these colors will cause eye aches and dizziness.

Choose to buy a home for older people: apartment or home ground?

To live comfortably, leisure at late afternoon is the common wish of man. After thirty years with all worries, everyone desires to own an ideal place to settle the burden of living happily. The question is, for older people, apartments or homes is the right place for them?

The “hard” of the home ground

Traditionally, settling is one of the three important things to accomplish in one’s life. Especially for the elderly, it is not only a place to live but also a place to enjoy life in the late afternoon. But can a narrow house in the alley be able to fulfill this wish?

“Many people think that I have a home in the center, it’s very expensive, but it’s really a lot of inconvenience,” said Mr Hoang, 63, a retired worker. Every time to decorate, decorate the house is very difficult. That is not to mention the holidays, Tet guests or want to keep children and grandchildren to play with him longer can not. The small but central center is also the heart of Hoang Yen, a 56-year-old college lecturer, who can not convince his son or daughter to live together because the house is quite crowded, though very convenient. back, study and work.

On the other hand, Mr. Than also shared: “At this age, in addition to fun with children and grandchildren, there are old friends or chess players, but recently they moved to the apartment complex with family the end. Looking back and still clung to each other with the suffering of the city. Indeed, many times when I thought of a sudden sickness, I did not know if an ambulance could get into this little alley. “

True to the concerns of Mr. Than and Mrs. Yen, in the course of time with the development of society, the term “home” is not confined to the home image but can be a turning house It is located in high class apartment buildings. It is the place to meet the needs and desire to enjoy the life of the elderly.

House in the alley

The notion of “home” is not only confined to the image of the home, but it can be a comfortable apartment in high-end apartment buildings.

The “good” of high-end apartment

Living space is green, airy is one of the outstanding advantages of the apartment complex. Here, older people can go for a walk, exercise, go to an old friend’s club, have a safe playground, have fun with their grandchildren, or just breathe fresh air every early morning.

The apartment is the ideal place for elderly people to bring living space cool green.

In addition, the elderly can enrich their spiritual life with a variety of activities from the elderly association from the civilized community such as chess, meditation, tea ceremony, sports, Charity … Thus, old life is no longer a shadow, but a series of relaxing days after three decades, creating a solid foundation for children.

Even today, some projects have integrated international hospitals to provide the best and most convenient medical care to the resident population, especially the elderly. Accordingly, the health care will be taken care of right in his residential area, there will definitely not be bad cases of bad jokes as Mr. shared.

With full facilities in the high-end residential area, old life is the series of days to enjoy life leisure

With full facilities in the high-end residential area, old life is the series of days to enjoy life leisure

The countries with the longest living population in the world such as Sweden, Japan, France … all have one thing in common is the fresh environment, the people have rich spiritual life and healthy diet. With well-planned projects, high green space density, and design based on the view of bringing residents a prosperous, happy and prosperous life, the elderly have found a best place to enjoy a comfortable life.

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