Millennium Project With Important Information To Know

Millennium Masteri Project: Very Important Information That You Must Know Before Buying.

According to official information from the investor of the Millennium Project Thao Dien Investment, on July 31st 2016 it will officially open the sale of luxury apartment line Millennium Masteri located in front of Ben Van Don Street in District 4, One of the rare gold spots in District 4 left over.

The Millennium project possesses many outstanding advantages such as favorable location, perfect utility, high-quality 5-star service…In order to help customers gain an insight into the Millennium Masteri project, Vietnam Real Estate and associates would like to provide you with the most comprehensive overview of the Millennium apartment project. For customers to understand better before deciding to invest in the Masteri Millennium project.



  1. Overview of the Millennium Masteri apartment project.

– The Millennium project is a high class residential complex combining commercial services

– Developed by Masteri, combined with Techcombank, Coteccons and Savills

  • Masteri: The real estate brand has made a big impact on the market with high sales in Ho Chi Minh City (Masteri Thao Dien project, M.One Nam Sai Gon)
  • Techcombank: The capital support unit for the project and customer pledge is committed to guaranteeing all payments to partners and customers purchasing apartments. Preferential loan package with the best interest rates.
  • Coteccons Contractor: Best quality building contractor in Vietnam
  • Savills: The unit manages and operates according to international standards
Millennium Masteri

Millennium Masteri in District 4 Ho Chi Minh City

  1. Location of the Masteri Millennium project.

– Millennium is located on the Ben Van Don artery road, adjacent to Financial District 1.

– Address: 132 Ben Van Don, Ward 6, District 4

  1. Does the project location have river borders?

The Northwest borders the Ben Nghe River, also known as Ben Van Don.

  1. Style design?

Millennium has a contemporary, smart, contemporary style

  1. Scale the Millennium project?

  • Total land area: 7302.6 sqm
  • Scale of project: Double tower consists of 2 blocks: Block A and Block B, 34 floors

+ 3 basements

  • Total floor area: 87,630 sqm
  • Construction density: base mass 50%, tower block 35%
  • Green spaces, walkways occupy more than 60%
  • Number of units: 650 penthouses and apartments, 20 shophouses.
  1. The Millennium Masteri project utility.

Millennium has a high level of facilities and services such as: swimming pool, gym, gymnasium, commercial area, service and office, perfect for living and investment with added value in a standard residential offers 5 star.

  1. Main directions and view:

  • North East: Sai Gon River, Thu Thiem Center, Swimming Pool, Indoor Garden
  • Southwest direction: Ben Nghe River, District 5 Center, Vo Van Kiet Boulevard
  • North West: Center District 1, Saigon River, Ben Don, 23-9 Park
  • South East: swimming pool, garden interior, Sai Gon River
  • North West – Don Bac: Center District 1, Saigon River, Ben Van Don, Thu Thiem, Ben Nha Rong
  • Southeast – North East: Sai Gon River, Thu Thiem Center, Swimming Pool, Garden interior
Millennium Masteri

view Millennium Masteri in District 4 Ho Chi Minh City

  1. How many square meters of Millennium Pool?

The swimming pool is over 300 sqm

  1. Types of apartments and areas of the Masteri Millennium project?

– One-Bedroom Apartment: 53.66 sqm

– 2 bedroom apartments: from 65.09 sqm to 74.80 sqm

– 3 bedroom apartments: from 97.89 sqm to 107.88 sqm

  1. Shophouse area and Officetel Millennium project.

Officetel has an area ranging from 30 sqm to 45sqm

– Shophouse ranges from 80 sqm to 108 sqm

  1. Total number of floors in the Millennium project.

– The project is 34 storeys high and 3 basements.

– 1st floor is Shophouse

– 2nd to 6th floor is officetel

– 7th floor is utility floor including swimming pool, gym …

– 8th floor – 31st floor is typical apartment

– 32th-33th is a penthouse

  1. Time to hand over the Millennium apartment

Expected delivery in 2/2018

  1. Millennium Masteri Condominium Management Unit.

– Millennium is managed by a professional management unit of international standards Savills.

– Management fee: $1 / month (excluding VAT)

  1. Total number of flats on one floor and number of lifts?

-13 units / floor with 5 lifts

  1. Escape escalator between two areas are connected or not?

The escape stairs do not cross. Two towers A and B are separate, each with two escalators

  1. Parking rate in Millennium Masteri apartment.

Parking area to comply with the regulations of the state: 20 sqm parking lot over 100 sqm floor construction

  1. How does the garbage collection system in Millennium Apartments work?

Rooms dispose garbage at each floor. Daily staff will collect garbage by the hour


  1. How wide is the Common Hall area of the Millennium Apartment? The distance between two buildings?

The apartment building is designed according to 5 star standards and is waiting for the management consultant for comments on the area and layout.

  1. How does the fire extinguisher system in Millennium Apartments work?

– Sprinkler systems are installed on the ceiling with the number of nozzles and spray flow according to standard TCVN 7336-2003. Automatic fire extinguishers (for floors) are connected to the fire alarm system to check the operation status of the system.

– Wall fire extinguishing system: Wall fire extinguishers consisting of two 30-meter diameter D50 coils, spray nozzle with a flow of 2.5 l / s. The thunderstones are located in convenient areas not covered, ensuring that each fire occurs with two throats sprayed with a 1 lung throat is 2.5 l / s, the center of the throat is 1, 25m.

  1. How tall are the fairways of the Millennium Project basement?

Floor to floor is 3.3m

  1. Floor-to-floor height (floor to floor)?

Floor to floor is 3, 2m

  1. What is the main door of the Millennium apartment?

Fire resistant wood door

  1. What kind of ceiling is the apartment when it is handed over?

Ceiling gypsum in technical areas, other parts do not close town

  1. What kind of ceiling is the shower room?

Moisture resistant ceiling

  1. Finishing level of Millennium Masteri apartment.

Standard: tile, wood, water paint, finishing and installation of sanitary wares, lights, doors, room doors, kitchen cabinets (included equipment), wall cabinets in the bedroom Main, air conditioner.

  1. Do you have a camera in door?

The main door has a god eye

  1. Do residents have to use magnetic cards to enter the apartment?


  1. In the ceiling or not? Is the area closed? Ceiling or floating ceiling?

Just close the ceiling sink in the technical area

  1. What is the elevator for the Millennium Project? How much speed m / s?

Thyssen Krup Elevator, Kone, Otis, Schindler. Speeds from 2.5 m / s to 3 m / s.

  1. What is railing? How tall?

The whole is glass railing, 1m4 high.

  1. Does the apartment corridor fire automatically?


  1. Is there a CCTV for the building?

Yes, security camera system building.

  1. Does the project have a Videocall system?


  1. How large are the entrance doors? How large is the bedroom?

Apartment door size 1x 2.2m (frame width 1.1, m)

  1. Where is the air conditioner set?

Balcony and drying yard

  1. Does the Millennium Project Have Generators?

There are 100% back-up generators. When power outages, the elevator will operate by generator source

  1. Are there smoke detectors in the apartment? Is it connected to the central operating room?

In the apartment there is a fire alarm. This headphone is connected to the control system fire alarm center of the building

  1. How many meters are the lobby area and elevator shaft?

The width of the apartment corridor is 1.6m. Elevator hall width 3.1m


  1. Time to sign the Millennium Project?

Expected date of signing the purchase contract is expected to be fourth quarter / 2016

  1. How long does it take to receive a Millennium apartment?

– Coteccons is one of the largest construction units in Vietnam, so the completion of the entire project will have many advantages.

– The completion of the project completion dossier will be carried out by prestigious and prestigious financial units

– The owner will speed up the process of issuing a pink book. The red book is expected to be 6-12 months from the delivery day.

  1. What documents do the foreign organizations and individuals need when buying a house?

+ For Vietnamese residing overseas

– Passport

– Visa entry into Vietnam.

+ Foreigners:

– Passport

– Visa entry into Vietnam

– Written commitments not entitled to diplomatic or consular privileges and immunities according to the provisions of law.

+ Foreign organizations:

– Investment certificate or papers related to the permission to operate in Vietnam (hereinafter referred collectively to as investment certificate) issued by a competent Vietnamese state agency.


  1. Which unit controls the operation of the Millennium condominium?

– Savills Company

  1. When will the 2% maintenance fee be paid? How is this charged?

– Maintenance fee of 2% is paid before receiving the apartment. This fee is calculated on the sale price excluding VAT.

  1. Does the Millennium apartment sale price include land use fees?

– The price includes the land use fee of the project

  1. How much does the customer pay for management fees? Does management change over time? And on what basis is this calculated? When to pay this fee?

– Management fee is specified in the purchase contract. Depending on the management and operation of the condominiums, if the management fee is not enough to operate, the investor (during the time the Board has not yet set up) or the Managing Board shall consider the adjustment based on the selection. Appropriate management unit approved by the condominium conference

– This fee is calculated based on the costs of operating the condominium, such as the cost of the management board / management board, sanitation costs, protection costs, and other relevant costs.

– But this does not include the cost of car maintenance, fuel, energy, water, television services, communications, and other service costs for other service costs for private use by the owner or condominium user (Section 106 of the Housing Act 2014).

  1. What fees do you have to pay for your Millennium project certification?

– Registration tax: 0.5% of the value of the apartment (the value of the apartment for tax purposes is not the value under the purchase contract that will be calculated according to state regulations => normally this value is low More than the value of the purchase contract).

– Fee for drawing (currently about $43 / unit)

– Charge appraisal, check drawing (this fee is in accordance with government regulations and some districts have now abandoned this fee => this fee is about $4 – $7 thousand).

See more market information at: Vietnam Real Estate

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