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King Building is the office building at the end of Hoang Dao Thuy Street, near the intersection with Le Van Luong, Thanh Xuan District, Ha Noi.

Around the building is the office area ventilation, convenient transportation. Particularly, the area with fast and strong economic growth in the central area of West Hanoi, many buildings, communication offices have been moved … This will be one of the favorable locations with many benefit to develop business, trade and service ideal for businesses.  Located in a new and rapidly developing new urban area west of Hanoi, King Building occupies a strategic advantage in the developed area. At the same time with soft rental (from 10 USD / sqm / month), modern C class office design, this will be an ideal office option for many businesses.  King Building is built on an area of 300 sqm with the height of 12 floors and 1 basement. With each floor design is 250 sqm, flexible area is suitable for many small and medium size. Available spaces at the building are 160 sqm, 250 sqm. Especially, in the surrounding building and basement for secured car park 24/24 will ensure maximum parking of cars and motorcycles of employees working in Buildings and customers go out and trade. Designed in accordance with Grade C office standards, the King Building – Hoang Dao Thuy is fully equipped with international standard office facilities: elevator, air conditioning, generators, security 24 / 24. King Building located on Chua Boc Street in the most beautiful location on Chua Boc Street, near Ocean Mark, Passion, Lotte Mark. The building is equipped with modern technical equipment, and utility services will make customers happy. Office space for lease in nice building, nice view, good geomancy will be the ideal choice for your office.

Property name: King building

Property type: office for lease

Total area:300sqm

Floor area: 250 sqm

No.of floor: 12

Location: No.7 Chua Boc, Dong Da, Ha Noi

Distance to the other areas:

  • Ha Noi medical university: 2km
  • Hospital of medical university: 3km
  •  Academic bank: 5km

Driving time to the other areas:

  • Ha Noi medical university: 10 minutes
  • Hospital of medical university: 15 minutes
  • Academic bank: 20 minutes

Unit sizes:

  • 60 sqm office
  • 80 sqm office
  • 100 sqm office
  • 250 sqm office


  • School
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial center
  • Playing ground
  • Garden
  • Gym
  • Spa
  • Entertainment center
  • Swimming pool
  • Restaurant
  • High speed internet
  • Elevator
  • Security
  • Minimart
  • Supermarket


  • Cleaning services
  • House keeping
  • Sanitation of public buildings
  • Men’s and women’s toilets services
  • Periodic insecticide treatment
  • Maintenance and maintenance of equipment
  • Lighting of public areas and parking
  • Waste treatment process
  • Security 24/24 cameras
  • Professional staff
  • Free water
  • Backup power meets 100% capacity
  • Standard fire alarm system, fire alarm
  • Security system, 24/24 surveillance camera
  • Technical box, device connector
  • Internet and phone connections are set up
  • Lighting systems, electric lights, paint walls, noise-proof glass walls, heat insulation and fireproof wall ceilings
  • Professional building management services;
  • 24/7 security protection;
  • Maintenance and maintenance of equipment and machinery in the general system of the building;
  • Lighting public areas and parking lots

Security: 24/24 cameras

Rental: 10-13 USD / sqm / month

Other fees:

     Service fee: 2 USD / sqm

     VAT: 10%

Parking fee:

        + Car: 43 USD / month

        + Motorbike: free

Leasing term:  minimum 2 years

Deposit and payment: 3 months, payment per 3 months