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As the name of this project, Nest Home aims to create a peaceful and cozy home connecting family members. 

Designed with over 50% land area is tree park, the project opens a new, fresh and eco-friendly environment with luxurious amenities such as Coop Food supermarket, kindergarten, café, drugstore, etc.The highlight feature of Nest Home is the 100% backup power system to ensure enough lighting for the tree park and run public facilities, all of which make the project an ideal destination of all professionals and families.

Property name: Nest Home 

Property type: Apartment

Location: Chu Huy Man, Son Tra, Da Nang

Price: $22,000/unit

Land area: 9,840sqm


  • Ecopark (5,000sqm)
  • Coop Food supermarket
  • Cafe
  • Kindergarten
  • Drug store
  • Clinic
  • Entertainment
  • Fire protection system
  • Backup power system

Distance to other areas:

  • 2.5km from Song Han bridge
  • 1km from the beach
  • 7.7km from Thanh mountain
  • 3km from Son Tra mountain
  • 1km from the CBD

Driving time to other areas:

  • 7 minutes to Han River
  • 14 minutes to Thanh mountain

No.of block: 4

No.of storey: 9

No.of unit: 420

Unit size: 51.67sqm – 61.75sqm

Building density: Nearly 30%

Expected commencement year: 10/2012

Expected handover year: 12/2013

Legal ownership: Certificate of land use and right


If you are interested in the project, please directly contact HOTLINE CONSULTATION 24/7: (+84) 898 898 688  or provide content according to the form below, we will support you as soon as possible.

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