6 ways to sell fast and get high price

If you are looking to sell a house that has not been purchased yet, here are six things you should know.

  1. Find a good broker

A broker makes a lot of money to help you sell your home more easily and quickly because they have potential clients who are ready to invest in real estate, have many tips to find people who need and understand the market so help you to price the house more accurately.

You should find these intermediaries through acquaintances, friends who have worked with them to ensure credibility.

  1. Post full information and many house pictures online

Although there are brokers, you should also actively seek buyers to have more opportunities to sell houses and save money to intermediaries. The information needs to include: location, area, price, legal papers, surrounding facilities, furniture available, etc. There are many channels for posting information on selling houses such as the above social networking, forum, website …

Part of the picture, you need to capture the full angle, the room, the outside look at the door, the road in front of the house. The more beautiful, clear, detailed the more attracted people interested and help people in need to buy your home.

  1. Refresh your home

Any buyer would prefer a new, clean, decent home. Therefore, you should clean your house, throw away unnecessary or old items, wipe the dirt … to sell the house easier.

For lights, which do not light up, you need to replace immediately, even buy some decorative lights set in the dark corner. Full light will make your home look spacious, airy and majestic. Customers will be impressed with the bright houses.

Cleaning and renovating homes makes it easier for home sellers

Cleaning and renovating homes makes it easier for home sellers

With broken furniture such as doors, cabinets, faucets … you also need to change because no one wants to spend money to buy a home to repair too many new things to live. The more complete the house will be.

  1. Ornamental plants

Most homebuyers are very interested in the appearance of the home. Therefore, the small, green plants will certainly make your home more livable.

You should choose trees that are not too big, have a green color, are less leafy, less irrigation so that they do not have to take care of and dirty house. On the table, window sills, wall shelves should put more small pots like cactus, lotus, betel nut, school …

Tree decorations make the house cooler and more livable

Tree decorations make the house cooler and more livable

  1. Remove pets when visitors arrive

It is possible that your future visitor is allergic to dogs, cats … and hates pet hair scattered on the sofa, food, drinking water to the ground. Therefore, before you go to see the house, you need to take the pet “evacuate” and clean up all related.

  1. Hanging the number plate home the most visible

This is very fragmented and is often overlooked. However, customers will find it easier to find your home (in the absence of brokers).

You should hang the number plates at the gate (if any) or at the door, not blocked by canopy, canvas cover.

These moves are very important but not everyone is aware and remember to do. Try these tips to sell your home faster with a good price and refer to the topic. Intensive view on real estate investment:

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