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Gia Phat apartment is located in prime location, right in front of Le Duc Tho Street. It is so convenient and easy to move because it just takes 5 minutes to arrive at Tan Son Nhat airport, 15-20 minutes to go to Tan Binh District, Binh Thanh District and District 12.

Additionally, it is placed in the convenient route and near Go Vap District park, Gia Dinh Park makes the atmosphere around fresher and more spacious. Gia Phat apartment is located in the crowded center, located in the land of development Go Vap District. This project was built nearby major trade centers, schools, banks and restaurants with several high-quality facilities which bring the most conveniences for every resident such as the community living room, playground for children, food court and multi-purpose gym & spa, etc. You just spent 3 minutes to go to Lottemart, Emart, Big C; going shopping at AEON mall, Vincom or Coop Mart takes 5 minutes; 9 minutes to arrive secondary, high school, and university in surrounding districts such as Nguyen Cong Tru Highschool, Hong Bang University and Industrial University. The value of Gia Phat apartments is even higher as the land fund of this area is extremely rare. The value of Gia Phat apartment is increasing, as Go Vap district area becomes more and more active.

Gia Phat apartment is designed luxurious and modern European style with outstanding facilities. Gia Phat apartment is one block with 14 floors, land area is 1685 sqm and construction density is 40%. Includes 3 commercial floors and 84 apartments. Around Gia Phat apartment project is the crowded urban area with the densely populated, young and dynamic population. With more than 80 two bedroom apartments from 60 sqm, 62 sqm and 75 sqm. They offer 2 – 3 bedrooms, 2 separate toilets with full furniture from TOTO and nice balcony for every unit which makes your house brighter and takes more natural fresh air. In particular, the living room, dining room, kitchen and bar areas adjoin to create a spacious feel. Each apartment is fully furnished including wardrobe, shoe cabinet (in bedrooms), ventilation hood, faucets and sinks and sanitary equipment. It also has the playground for children, community living area and walking space for doing some simple exercises every morning in order to protect your health. There is an elevator to move quickly right at your floor and basements for parking cars, scooters, etc. safely. The security system has 24/24 security cameras and security guards trained professionally and seriously. It is very attractive with airy living space, river view, city center and airport view. Reasonable price, attractive incentives from the owner and flexible payment regime. 3 story commercial buildings in the building with amenities such as kindergarten, mini store, etc.

Property name: Gia Phat apartment

Property type: serviced apartment

Developer: Toan Phat Thinh Construction & Trading Co., Ltd.

Land area:1685 sqm

No. of floors: 14 (including 3 trade floors)

No. of units: 84

Location:117-117A, Ward 17, Le Duc Tho Street, Go Vap District

Distances to other areas:

  • Tan Son Nhat airport 13 minutes 4.8 km
  • The East Station 10 minutes 6 km
  • Ben Thanh market 20 minutes 10 km
  • Go Vap District Park 14mins 1.1 km for walk
  •  Gia Dinh Park 7mins by car
  • Metro Line 4 7.7km 23mins
  • Trade center: VinCom, Lotte Mart, E-Mart, AEON, Coopmart: 5 -10 mins by car
  • Nguyen Cong Tru highschool: 12 mins 3,6km
  • Hong Bang University: 2,7km 9mins by car
  • Industrial University: 11mins 3,1 km

Driving time to CBD:

  • District 1: 29 mins10km
  • Tan Binh District 7.6 km 22mins
  • Phu Nhuan District 5.1 km 14mins
  • Binh Thanh District 23mins 6,3 km
  • Thu Duc District 27 mins 12km
  • District 12: 17 mins 5.1 km

Driving time to other areas:

  • Tan Son Nhat airport: 5 minutes 
  • The East Station: 10 minutes
  • Ben Thanh market: 20 minutes
  • Go Vap District Park: 14mins for walk
  •  Gia Dinh Park: 7mins by car
  • Metro Line: 4 23mins
  • Trade center: VinCom, Lotte Mart, E-Mart, AEON, Coopmart: 5 -10 mins by car
  • Nguyen Cong Tru highschool: 12 mins
  • Hong Bang University: 9mins by car
  • Industrial University: 11mins

Unit size:

2 bedroom apartment 75sqm

  • Bedroom: 2
  • Living room: 1
  • Dining room: 1
  • Kitchen: 1
  • Balcony: 1

2 bedroom apartment 60sqm

  • Bedroom: 2
  • Living room: 1
  • Dining room: 1
  • Kitchen: 1
  • Balcony: 1

2 bedroom apartment 62sqm

  • Bedroom: 2
  • Living room: 1
  • Dining room: 1
  • Kitchen: 1
  • Balcony: 1


  • Community living room
  • Playground
  • Mini shop
  • Multi-purpose gym & Spa
  • Food court
  • Elevator
  • Security camera (24/24)
  • Parking space


  • 2 bedroom apartment 75sqm: 352 – 374 USD
  • 2 bedroom apartment 60sqm: 264 USD
  • 2 bedroom apartment 62sqm: 308 USD
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