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An Phu Apartment is located at 961 Hau Giang, Ward 11, District 6, Ho Chi Minh City, in the economic center of District 6.

It is about 1km from East-West Highway, less than 1km from Mien Tay Station, about 3.9km from Dam Sen Park, 2km from Vo Van Kiet Boulevard – the most beautiful route in Ho Chi Minh City, etc. Besides, this area has many bus routes into the city center, therefore, it is convenient for residents’settlement. An Phu Apartment is located at the prime location of the southern gateway of Ho Chi Minh City which can connect with the provinces of the Mekong Delta through the modern expressway of Ho Chi Minh City – Trung Luong expressway. Thanks to its prime location, An Phu Apartment offers its residents the opportunity to experience many best facilities and services in the large area such as hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants, markets, stations, schools, transportation, etc. Specifically, An Phu Apartment owns many advantages as Phu Lam Park, Metro Supermarket, Binh Tay Market, Trieu An Hospital, the school system of grades I, II and III, Kim Bien Market, Metro Binh Phu, District 6 medical center, District 6 hospital, Dam Sen cultural Park, Mien Tay Station, Cho Lon Station, Dong A bank, Sun Palace – wedding and conference center, College of Transportation III, Lotteria Binh Phu, etc.

An Phu Apartment covers an area of 4,202 sqm built a 25-storey building and 279 apartments and 1,625 sqm of the commercial center. The structure of An Phu Apartment is deliberately structured and distributed as 1st Floor and Mezzanine for the commercial center, 2nd floor for community house and kindergarten, 3rd floor to 25th floor for apartments, basement for on-site parking built in over 4,000 sqm of parking space. The design includes full of internal facilities that people need such as an entertainment area, 24h supermarket, health center, gym, nursery, green park, etc. An Phu Apartment District 6 is one of the new models combining the apartment and commercial center system into the project. All works are built in the modern and luxurious style and focused on the development of residential living space. This will increase the value of the project compared to other apartment models. An Phu apartment has 8 types of apartment, making the total of 298 units covering in the area from 54.65 sqm to 140.86 sqm to help customers easily choose a suitable living space. It includes 1 bedroom apartment (53.5sqm – 61sqm), 2 bedroom apartment (84sqm, 86.5sqm, 92.5sqm) and 3 bedroom apartment (127sqm, 137.5sqm). An Phu Apartment is designed in accordance with the standard and full of advanced facilities and absolute safety such as gas system, fire extinguisher, security team and 24-hour security camera, advanced magnetic card and audio call system; its floor is titled with luxury wood. In each apartment, the living room, dining room, kitchen and bar areas adjoin to create a spacious space. What’s more, it is fully furnished including wardrobe, shoe cabinet, kitchen equipment, faucets and sinks, sanitary equipment, air-conditioners and has full of facilities as housekeeping (daily or weekly as required excludes Sundays and public holidays), cable TVs, ADSL, the Internet, laundry, etc.

 Property name: An Phu Apartment

Investor: An Phu Joint Stock Company

Contractor: Cotecons (Vietnam No.1 Contractor)

Management Unit: SWA Vietnam Co., Ltd. (USA)

Land area: 5,000 sqm

Construction area: 1,260.6 sqm

Commercial area: 1,625 sqm

Construction density: 34%

No. of floors: 25

o   1st Floor and Mezzanine – Central Business District

o   2nd floor – Community house and kindergarten

o   3rd floor to 25th floor – Apartment

o   Basement – over 4,000 sqm of parking space

  • Property type: apartment

No. of units: 279 apartments

  • Location: 961 Hau Giang, District 6, Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh
  • Distances to other areas:
    • Dam Sen Cultural Park: 3.9m
    • Phu Lam park: 600m
    • Trieu An Hospital: 1.5km
    • Kim Bien market: 3.6km
    • Mac Dinh Chi school: 1.9km
    • AEON Mall Binh Tan: 2.5km

Driving time to other areas:

o   District 1: 28 mins

o   Tan San Nhat airport: 32 mins

o   Ben Thanh Market: 28 mins

o   Phu Tho sports center: 15 mins

o   Mien Tay Station: 3 mins

o   Cho Lon Station: 9mins

  • Unit size:
    • 1-bedroom apartment: 5 & 61 sqm
      1. Bedroom: 1
      2. Bathroom: 1
      3. Living room: 1
      4. Kitchen: 1
      5. Dining room: 1
      6. Drying: 1
    • 2-bedroom apartment: 84sqm
      • Bedroom: 2
      • Bathroom: 2
      • Living room: 1
      • Kitchen: 1
      • Dining room: 1
      • Drying: 1
    • 2-bedroom apartment: 5sqm
      • Bedroom: 2
      • Bathroom: 2
      • Living room: 1
      • Kitchen: 1
      • Dining room: 1
      • Drying: 1
    • 2-bedroom apartment: 5sqm
      • Bedroom: 2
      • Bathroom: 2
      • Living room: 1
      • Kitchen: 1
      • Dining room: 1
      • Drying: 1
    • 3-bedroom apartment: 127 sqm
      • Bedroom: 3
      • Bathroom: 2
      • Living room: 1
      • Kitchen: 1
      • Dining room: 1
    • 3-bedroom apartment: 5 sqm
      • Bedroom: 3
      • Bathroom: 2
      • Living room: 1
      • Kitchen: 1
      • Dining room: 1
    • Facilities:
      • High-speed lift system
      • modern and automatic fire-protection system
      • wide parking
      • intelligent car identification system
      • cleaning services
      • park
      • children’s playground
      • Air conditioners
      • Housekeeping
      • Cable TV, ADSL, Wi-fi Internet
      • Laundry
      • Spa
      • Commercial center
      • Garden
      • Cafe shop
      • Wellness center
      • Gym
      • Beauty center
      • Game room
      • Nursery
    • Security: camera 24/24
    • Furnishing condition: fully furnished
    • Rental:
      • 53 sqm apartment: about 261 USD / month
      • 83sqm apartment : about 391 USD / month
      • 87 sqm apartment: about 369 USD / month
      • 95sqm apartment: about 434 USD / month
      • 100 sqm apartment: about 434 USD / month
      • 112 – 127 sqm apartment: about 609 USD / month
      • 120 sqm apartment: about 652 USD / month
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