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Which Group Owns The Most Shopping In HCMC?

Van Thinh Phat Company Project

Van Thinh Phat was established in 1992 as Van Thinh Phat Co., Ltd. This company initially operated in the field of trade and restaurant business and then expanded its business to real estate.

In 2007, Van Thinh Phat Company has joined in establishing large joint stock companies. Van Thinh Phat Group Company Limited, abbreviated as VTP Group Holdings, with chartered capital of VND 6,000 billion.

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Let’s find out some big shopping centers in Ho Chi Minh City by Van Thinh Phat Group.

An Dong Plaza (District 5)

Van Thinh Phat Company ProjectAn Dong Plaza has three main areas: commercial center, restaurant, service and hotel. Guests can find many unique items here from clothing, jewelry, furniture or souvenirs.

Hung Vuong Square (District 5)

Van Thinh Phat Company ProjectWith nearly 8,000 sqm of floor space and 2 stories, Hung Vuong Square is designed as functional areas that can serve the diverse needs of more than 5,000 customers a day.

Union Square (District 1)

Van Thinh Phat Company ProjectLocated right in the commercial administrative center, which has the busiest trade history of the city with 4 facades overlooking 4 central streets (Le Loi, Dong Khoi, Le Thanh Ton, Nguyen Hue), Union Square is not only a luxury shopping, dining and entertainment haven, but also a prominent architectural feature of the city, in a contemporary, French-style architecture.

Times Square (District 1)

Times Square Building, or Saigon Times Square, is one of the 10 tallest buildings in Vietnam. This is a complex of two twin towers about 165m high and 21.25m apart; Located at No. 22-36 Nguyen Hue Street and No. 57-69F Dong Khoi Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1. The tower of Nguyen Hue Street is a five-star hotel and the tower of Dong Khoi Street is a luxury apartment complex. Interwoven with these two main functions are the shopping, entertainment and green spaces.

The Garden Mall (District 5)

Van Thinh Phat Company ProjectLocated in prime location of district 5, The Garden Mall promises to be the center of community entertainment, the crowded community of Saigon – Cho Lon. It is expected that the project will be operational by mid-2017.

Golden Plaza (District 5)

Van Thinh Phat Company ProjectThis trade center combines traditional and modern online shopping in Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore. With the advantages of Nguyen Trai, Hanh Lac, Hong Bang and Duong Tu Giang, for convenient trade. The iconic design trade center alongside the online combined retail model is expected to blow into the new wave of commercial space. The size of the shopping center is five stories commercial and two basements, totaling nearly 600 kiosks.

Saigon Garden (District 1)

Van Thinh Phat Company ProjectLocated on the famous Nguyen Hue pedestrian street, Saigon Garden is an entertainment and commercial center with unique architecture, environmentally friendly with green garden space hanging in the heart of the city. This place focuses on many famous brands with diversified commercial services. With outstanding advantages of location and architecture, Saigon Garden is a new, young and bustling breeze attracting nearly 5,000 foreign visitors to visit the country every day.

Saigon House (District 1)

The Cultural House, the unique destination of domestic and foreign visitors to enjoy countless delicious dishes in the cuisine, admire the creativity of fashion and immerse themselves in the traditional art of trenches. Southern – Saigon over 300 years. Located right on Nguyen Hue pedestrian street, just minutes away from many famous tourist attractions, besides the splendid city center hotel, Saigon House stands out as an architectural work of art. The East Asia combines traditional and modern, the charm of the red-hot patterned brick wall, wood furniture, feng shui lake, lacquered cage, ancient ceramics, green bonsai, The virtual shimmer from the glass lights bring feelings to the king when a visit.

Monmentum (District 1)

Momentum 289 complex building is located at the corner of 2 fronts of 289 Tran Hung Dao Street – 74 Ho Hao Hon Street in District 1, a prime location at the center, with a panoramic view of the whole area. Ben Thanh Market. The construction scale of the project consists of 5 basements and 30 storeys, of which 6 are for commercial, 8 for office and 16 for 212. The investment capital is about VND 1,500 billion.

Royal Garden (District 7)

Van Thinh Phat Company ProjectRoyal Garden Complex consists of 5 units, from 2 to 30 stories, excluding basement, built on an area of 31,161 sqm, providing over 1,000 apartments and 22,000 sqm for commercial, service and business centers( Public kindergartens, community activities, sports, swimming pool …).

SJC Tower (District 1)

SJC Tower is located at Nam Ky Khoi Nghia – Le Thanh Ton – Nguyen Trung Truc – Le Loi street (District 1) with the height of 54 stories 208m high, including 6 stories for shopping.

Golden Hills (District 1)

Van Thinh Phat Company ProjectGolden Hills is located at 87 Cong Quynh Street, Nguyen Cu Trinh Ward, District 1 with 38 floors of 164m and 5 stories of the shopping mall.

Saigon Peninsula (District 7)

Van Thinh Phat Company ProjectThe red-lighted park and the Saigon Peninsula’s urban district 7 include 35 office towers, high-end office towers and $ 6 billion in high-end shopping malls.

The yellow quadrangle Nguyen Hue – Ho Tung Mau – Huynh Thuc Khang – Ngo Duc Ke (District 1)

The project has a 40-storey height in which the podium is for shopping.

VIPD Tower Complex (District 1)

VIPD Tower is located at the Dong Khoi – Nguyen Hue – Ngo Duc Ke street, with a total investment of more than VND 2,586 billion, mainly for commercial, office and hotel.

Le Loi – Nguyen Hue – Dong Khoi – Nguyen Thiep Quarter (District 1)

The project has a height of 30m (8 floors), construction density of 80%, and construction coefficient is 6. The investment for this project is estimated at $ 70 million.

Sai Gon Port Project (District 4)

The project is located in Nguyen Tat Thanh street in district 4 including high-grade office towers with over 30 stories high floor and shopping mall.

Saigon One Tower (District 1)

Van Thinh Phat Company Project42-storey height, which will have 6 stories retail podium area of 23,000 m2.

Harmony Point Building (District 4)

Van Thinh Phat Company ProjectThe complex has an area of 10,220 sqm with 35 floors of office, commercial and apartment buildings on the banks of the Saigon River with a wide view of the Thu Thiem new urban area.

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Which Group Owns The Most Shopping In HCMC?

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