2 Awesome Color Scheme For A Narrow Space Home

The subtle color scheme for your home will help you to enhance the aesthetic value of your home and bring comfort to your living space.

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With the interior of small houses, homeowners tend to choose the courteous or quiet color like white, cream, yellow egg, pastel color. We can not deny that these are the right choices, but sometimes it makes the space faded, boring. So how to combine color trends without making your small house look cumbersome?

Mix color between wall, ceiling and floor

For a nice house but limited in size, you should not choose floor tiles with large size and many patterns as it will make your house look smaller. Instead, choose a blue, white or pink colored brick. Not only is it a safe interior color choice, it also makes your home more spacious and bright.

Interior color scheme for small houses

Small houses should choose interior bricks of elegant color, bright

Besides the color of the floor, the choice of paint for the ceiling and walls is equally important. Color trends this year are denim blue, green, smoky, lemon yellow or pastel, but not all of them fit your home. If you are not good at designing or coloring, you can choose to paint white ceilings, pastel colored walls, simple lightweight and luxurious.

Interior color scheme for small houses

An example of a small house is the use of pastel pink

Interfaces between interior equipment

In case the area is not wide enough you should avoid the furniture vintage or classic style because they are usually large size and at the same time with many details, patterns. They are really beautiful and extremely high but only suitable for large villas. So how to make your beautiful house not to be more cramped because inherently it was not generous.

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Interior color scheme for small houses

Looks very nice but obviously, the classic interior is not for small houses

What we need most is the living room, because it is the face of the whole house. The choice of this space is a sofa set, corner sofa cure L, or a set of furniture modern furniture, neat lines, simple. The kitchen is arranged in a small kitchen cabinet, simple dining table, not too picky. Unfortunately, the area is too small to use smart furniture. Rest of the other space just limited the unnecessary decorations are okay.

Interior color scheme for small houses

The sofa is neatly arranged in the living room

Just like the color trend of wall paint, the color for interior furniture should not be indiscriminate in a fashion that must be based on the circumstances. Most people will choose the same color as the wall paint, otherwise, choose a darker color than the paint or contrast color contrast but not overuse.

Interior color scheme for small houses

The entire interior is gray – gray

Interior color scheme for small houses

The interior is in harmony with the color of the walls

So, you do not have to be a talented interior designer, you can still transform your house into an extremely successful one!

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