2 Criterions Of New City In Thu Thiem District 2

The Thu Thiem New City of Thuan Viet is a center in the East Saigon Market. Together with Real Estate Vietnam learn 2 criteria to make the attractiveness of  New City Apartments Thuan Viet.

With real estate investment professionals, perhaps the attractive advantages of Thu Thiem New City Apartments are too obvious. However, we still want to give this sharing to interested clients who are looking for ideal housing. Because most people need to find a happy home in the heart of Saigon, when approaching a real estate project, they often do not know where to start and how to make a decision.

With two criteria that make up the project’s appeal that we are about to announce, it will definitely help you make more informed decisions. If you find a bright spot and see your expectations in New City Apartments, you will know what you should do.

The quality of the New City apartment in Thuan Viet District 2 meets the commitment requirements:

It will be a surprise if you know the starting point of the New City projects in Thu Thiem District 2, because if we do not share surely no one will think that this is a project located in the resettlement area, for the consumers with medium income. Because, if you look at the overall project, looking at the meticulous investment and strategic vision of Thuan Viet Group and partners, you will see the New City Apartments in Thu Thiem completely out of style. What is the size of a resettlement apartment, which by default of many people is not luxurious and modern?

New City apartment

The New City project in Thuan Viet District 2 is creating a fever in the market in Saigon East

That is not to mention that the project area is too well located, too potential in the moment the real estate market in the East is heating up day by day. Possessing an apartment here, 100% of the future will have “much benefit”, according to experts from real estate.

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However, still this problem is nothing compared to the great advantages that New City Apartment owned by Thuan Viet, which is the quality of the work is absolutely guaranteed on all elements. Including:

– Prestige of the investor: Thuan Viet Group is very familiar in the real estate development in the South. A number of projects implemented by this unit have achieved success beyond expectations. In addition to Thuan Viet, New City is invested by the cooperation of two equally famous units are Thanh Thanh Cong and Sacomreal. From the reputation of the owner, you can fully evaluate the quality of the project.

– Modern and comfortable interior architecture, modern style with diversified types of apartments, diverse area and extremely scientific layout. More than 1,300 apartments in New City Thuan Viet is the ideal choice of 1300 apartments for all customers.

– About utilities, Thu Thiem New City apartments have all the attractive service items, like a miniature city without anything missing. Live in the project, you will experience everything, all the necessities of living, from simple basic to advance. A 8000 m2 park, swimming pool, gym, tennis court, football pitch, supermarket, restaurant, coffee shop … all are available at New City campus in District 2.

New City apartment

Apartment design in New City project District 2 is very comfortable and luxurious

With the above analysis, you should have seen some quality work. This is the first attractive criteria.

The price of New City Apartment of Thuan Viet in Thu Thiem, District 2 is attractive to thousands of people love:

The second attractive criterion that New City Apartment Thuan Viet can convince the customer is the policy of flexible sale price, pleasant owner.

Specifically, apartments in New City Thu Thiem will cost from about $1560/sqm, this figure may increase or decrease depending on the location and area of your choice. However, at the fixed rate, the $1560 is included in VAT. Previously, when the project launched was only 1350/sqm, but over time, with the development of East Saigon, the value of the product has increased. This shows that this amount of $1520 next time can still increase a lot. If you now buy an apartment, the surplus portion of that, you are definitely the owner.

Another special point is that when you buy your house you will receive the perfect apartment is existing, not waiting so the potential for price increase will be much higher than the project is still in the plan. .

Compared to the average income, the price of New City Thuan Viet apartment is very reasonable, easy for Saigon residents have the opportunity to own. In case you cannot raise capital immediately, you can ask for long-term loans from support banks such as Sacombank, Eximbank, at extremely low interest rates.

The above are two criteria to measure the attractiveness of the New City Thuan Viet Apartment Project. Those who are intending to buy cheap apartments are fully equipped and close to nature.

In addition to New City apartment in Thu Thiem, your family should also refer to Kenton apartment is a project of fever in the South Saigon market.

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