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20 ImPortant Things To Remember Before Moving To A New House

Buying a house or building a new house is an important part of your life. What do homeowners need to do before moving to the new home to meet many advantages in life?

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The house is a great property of the owner, at the same time as a shelter for sun protection, protect the whole family. Therefore, moving to the new home is a very important work, always been the Vietnamese special attention. According to feng shui houses, before coming to the new home, homeowners need to remember certain principles to avoid disaster later.

Things to remember before moving on to a new home

– It is necessary to distinguish between the date of transfer to the new house and the date of the reception. After buying a house or buying an apartment or building a new house, the host will make a party before moving there later to have a neo-house party for his relatives and friends.

– Choose a nice day to pass the house. Beautiful days are selected according to the Yin-yang calendar and must match the owner’s age and birth date. This should not be viewed by the owner should be the help of the feng shui master.

– The ceremony was also local and divine according to the date and time of the preview.

20 important things to remember when moving to a new home
Celebrate the local ceremony and spirit when moving to new home

– Should move house before 3 pm because moving to the night will not be good for transportation.

– Raisin with aroma, roots, acacia or incense to remove the gas. Pay attention in the direction from top to bottom, from the inside out. When we have to open all the doors and fire thoroughly each corner.

– During the transfer day, only family members can join.

– According to feng shui housing, pregnant women should not participate in moving house.

– When you go inside, bring good things, such as oranges, apples, pears, pomegranates, jewelry, silver coins. Absolutely not in the empty hands.

– All furniture must be carried by the person in the house and arranged by hand.

– Bring the mats and fire to the front, the rest to bring back.

– Do not bring old brooms and mopeds into your new home because it means buying a new apartment and cleaning it with old garbage.

– Disease from the mouth, from the mouth out. On the day of moving to the new home, should avoid saying the words.

– All members must be happy, harmonious together. If the first day of the new home that happens to quarrel, weeping, muttering each other, the next day is very hard to good.

20 important things to remember when moving to a new home
Have fun, harmony in the day of moving

– In Feng Shui houses, wind chimes are considered as spirits, so hang a metal wind chime in some places such as windows, balconies. It will help the host to drive away evil spirits, diseases.

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– Turn on all the lights in the house and let the lights flash for the first 3 nights.

– After buying a house and moving to the first day, the landlord is obliged to cook something.

– Boiling water, open for running water, activating electrical appliances, electronic in the house. When turning the tap, the hose should be drained, sealing the drainage hole of the sink to let it flow slowly. This is the image of money for money, health, the same as the mind.

– Do not sleep at noon on the day of moving home because later the owner will be lazy, easily sick, have many difficulties in work and life.

– Place a small red cloth bag on the bottom of the rice container, then fill it with rice and place the “full” paper on the lid of the rice container.

– In the first night, the owner should sleep for a few minutes, then get up to do something and then sleep again, avoid falling asleep until morning.

So, it can be difficult to find a home, it is not easy to move home. Knowing some Feng Shui principles of this house, the owner will have a prosperous life, full of full and bright future.

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