Customers Get Bitter When Buying Land In Nha Be District.

Choosing real estate for investment is always a difficult problem for investors. Does the state think this is a profitable investment?

Previously there was a period when investors rushed to buy land in the district of rafts at high prices, but after a while the pieces are not still hot, investors neglect, guests are not interested. Moreover, real estate fall into the decline

Discount, abandoned and wilderness construction

Nha Be is not too far from the city center, but the air here is so quiet completely different from the busy of Saigon. In the direction from District 7 to Nha Be, the number of passersby counted only on the fingers, the weeds along the road, covering the whole path of a wild blue. Many of the land is divided into lots, built of dividing walls but not built full of weeds.

Buildings, projects with 8-9 building-floors even are left deserted, the old walls are covered with a layer of green moss growing vines are shown that this is a building. Construction abandoned for quite some time. It is not far from the steel columns, the pillars are crooked, unmanaged.

Nha Be district

Real estate investors withdraw from Nha Be district

Many 60-70% construction works are also abandoned. The big money is lying on. The money, effort and sweat that has been spent lying there is not built. The area of ​​Nha Be land prices fell quite a lot but still no moisture, no people to see, buy land so the company does not continue to build anymore, leave empty, leave the wind. Therefore, works and projects are under construction are abandoned, land prices decreased.

The return of Nha Be

Nha Be district is located near the center of the city, convenient transportation when there are two falls, Huynh Tan Phat street and Le Van Luong – Nguyen Huu Tho direction, especially Nha Be adjacent to District 7 should benefit from projects on infrastructure and urban Phu My Hung bring. There are also projects under construction such as connecting North-South Road to Nha Be District 7, District 4 and Nguyen Luong Bang Street connecting Phu My Hung to Nha Be.

Because of this favorable location, a series of real estate projects are being built in Nha Be to catch the infrastructure, especially the Kenton Node project is a famous project located in District 7 Intersection with the house. Waiting in front for the return of Nha Be real estate to the market, Nha Be land is now being paid much attention from project investors as well as customers buying to settle by convenient transportation location.

The project kenton node

The project kenton node Nha Be district has stagnated for many years have not seen signs of resurgence.

The infrastructure is getting better and better. Nha Be is lucrative bait for investors. Nha Be is receiving attention on the projects of apartment, complex,… are being built a lot here. Investors will promise to bring the project with modern design style, full utility for residents living here, building a civilized community, living space cool and fresh.

Kenton Node Project Features

District 7 apartment projects are on the road of rapid development, including Kenton Node Nha Be is extremely convenient location in District 7 with Nha Be is a special place ideal for residents living as well as the exchange with the area of ​​downtown Saigon.

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