24 Points Need To Check When Handed Over The Apartment

When buying apartments, almost everyone eagerly expects to receive the day from the investor. However, because of the first time so few know what to do to smooth the process of handover.

The article Vietnam Real Estate provides below will guide you 24 points to note and check upon receipt of the delivery of the apartment.

For readers to read more easily, Vietnam Real Estate will be divided into two sections, including Private Ownership (Water, Interior, and Raw) and Common Property Inspection (Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting). Elevator of the building).

Upon receipt of the apartment, you should not ignore the small details

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  1. Private ownership

First of all, you must ask the owner to deliver the drawings of electricity, water as well as the list of interior furniture of the apartment for easy inspection.


Upon receipt of the apartment, you should not ignore the small details

For power lines:

  1. Carefully check the outlets for any power sources. In addition, you should also check the number of electrical outlets and may require a proper relocation, in accordance with the needs of the family.
  2. Check ceiling lights, kitchen lights, balcony lights, bathroom lights, see if they are working properly or if they break.
  3. Check whether the air conditioning system is running normally and is stable, the hot unit of the machine is leaking water, the pipes are overhanging out.
  4. In the toilet area, you should carefully check the floor drainage system, whether water is well drained, the floor drainage problem is not a problem, and you must ensure dry floor when flushing.
  5. Check again: the water flow is weak or strong, especially the water from the toilet nozzle.
  6. Check again: if the shower is leaking, if required, ask the developer and the contractor to replace it immediately.
  7. If your apartment is equipped with a hot water bottle, then have to check the pipe, and see if the line has anti-shock wire

In the toilet area, you should thoroughly examine the water pipes as well as the drainage system

For apartment interior:


In the toilet area, you should thoroughly check the water pipes as well as drainage

  1. For apartments that include kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, check out the easy to open wardrobes, are they deviated?
  2. Are the devices fully powered?
  3. Check the drawer slides for leaks, smooth or not to require replacement.
  4. Any equipment such as electric stove, magnetic stove, trash can, etc. Any technical problems or defects.
  5. Check all the laminate flooring of the rooms are pressed, sagged, swollen, creaky, chipped and have a gap with the wall wool, blistered by water or not.
  6. The door section of the room, window fitting. Are hinges warped? Handle, screws are stained or not?
  7. Check for slipping doors or sliding doors that have open flaws, unbalanced and misaligned.
  8. Door locks have rust, stuck, broken or not.
  9. Check the braces, blinds to the toilet is not tight, there are open, if required treatment.

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For the raw part:

  1. Do the walls have cracked or not, if the crack must be treated immediately to avoid water damage wall paint.
  2. Check the paint, the ceiling is dirty, scratched, paint is not flat or not.
  3. Check if the ceiling is flat treated or not to require repainting.
  4. Ceilings and walls have the same color, color difference or not.
  5. The balcony part should check the dirty, the drainage section is good? Avoid overflowing spilled wood flooring.
  6. Check the stone part of the kitchen, especially the kitchen tower, see the tiles are broken, the bricks are straight, if available for immediate processing.

Check Common Ownership:


Fire boxes in apartment buildings are important, see if they have enough fire extinguishers inside

Fire boxes in apartment buildings are important, see if they have enough fire extinguishers inside

  1. Check the box Fire Prevention:

Try the fire alarm to see if it works.

Try spraying water when there is a fire.

Open the firebox in the corridor (the location closest to your apartment) see the basic equipment like faucets, fire hammers … already have?

  1. Check the elevator of the building:

Is the cabin opening process unusual?

When the ladder up and down the right floor, right hall or not.

Note: At this time the elevator works so before entering the elevator, despite the hurry to some residents should also look carefully when the cabin door opens, but the ladder has not yet reached. This is extremely important and should be noted to avoid possible accidents.

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