3-Bedroom Apartment Overlooking The Saigon River

Take advantage of the architecture, advantages of location in Thu Thiem and surrounding Saigon River, the space for The Sun Avenue apartment is quite special. In particular, the three-bedroom apartment inherits the optimal advantages.

Including 08 V-shaped towers stretching over the front of Mai Chi Tho Boulevard and overlooking Saigon River, the unique architectural design combining modern and traditional features, The Sun Avenue (District 2) Every day contributes to creating a new look for the city of East.

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Often located at the corner of the building, the 3-bedroom apartment always has many open views, ensuring a wide view, contributing to create maximum relaxation space and class for the owner.

3-bedroom apartment overlooking the Saigon River

3 -bedroom apartment overlooking the Saigon East River

With a large area, 3 bedroom apartments help the owner to create and create modern functional spaces, such as family entertainment room, private working room … Dining room and living room can seamless design, minimizing redundancy. Besides that, with the smooth design, at any place in the kitchen, dining table or living room, the landlord can direct the view of the green space in the landscape.

3-bedroom apartment overlooking the Saigon River

3-bedroom apartment overlooking the Saigon East River

Separate, spacious, homeowners can arrange intelligent kitchen with full equipment of modern kitchen. The white, shiny and bright materials will definitely be a great suggestion for your kitchen to be comfortable. And you do not need to move too much and still have all the cooking done.

3-bedroom apartment overlooking the Saigon River

Three bedroom Saigon River

The most prominent feature of the whole is the 3 bedrooms. To make the most of the benefits as well as bring harmony and modernity, the practical suggestion from home furniture designers is: use of white and yellow cream, innovation in design. In addition, the width of the balcony of each apartment The Sun Avenue quite large, the balcony area stretches from the living room to the bedroom so easily create the maximum relaxation space for homeowners or creative with mini aerial garden.

The second bedroom is smaller but still meets the basic needs of relaxation, relaxation. Homeowners can use wood flooring, combined with the same color carpets bring a sense of luxury, sophistication. The lighting system is arranged on the wall as a unique decorative accessory for the room.

3-bedroom apartment overlooking the Saigon River

3-bedroom apartment overlooking the Saigon East River

The “Kingdom” of the child members are arranged in a reasonable space so that parents can choose smart designs such as making use of folding beds, bunk beds to expand the space of the room … Children can enjoy the good sleep, play with the ladder, shelves at the bedside. And more interesting is that he has a mini playground right in his room if cleverly arranged bed neat.

Choose the 3 -bedroom apartment at The Sun Avenue (District 2) as a place to live for the whole family, the future owner will naturally inherit all the amenities in the local area (swimming pool, play area em …) and the entire social infrastructure of the international cradle in Thu Thiem.

According to statistics of CBRE Vietnam, the first 6 months show that consumption trends are moving into the large apartment area, many bedrooms. Buyers occupy 90sqm of space, accounting for 60% of total luxury units, and will continue to increase strongly in the last four months of the year.

3-bedroom apartment overlooking the Saigon River

3-bedroom apartment overlooking the Saigon East River

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Recently, Singer Ung Dai Ve chose to buy a 3-bedroom apartment on Sun Avenue Q.2 of Novaland as a residence for the whole family.

From September 17th, customers have been interested to find out what products Novaland will have the opportunity to visit the real apartment experience at The Sun Avenue – front Mai Chi Tho (District 2) and receive attractive incentives:

– Dong VND4.103 billion / 3- bedroom apartment

– Offering 20 years of management fee

– Pay only 30% until the house

– Interest rate is 0% in 12 months

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