3 hot factors in HCMC real estate market

HCMC real estate market in the coming years is expected to develop with 3 “legs’’- Thu Thiem, District 8 and Nha Be.

Tran Khanh Quang, Chairman of Real Estate Coffee Association, made the forecast of three brightest spots in the urban center of East-West and South of Ho Chi Minh City. These predictions were made during the Saigon Real Estate Investment Opportunity Talk – Insiders’ Perspective.

According to Quang, in the year of 2018 coming here. HCMC real estate will grow but will slow down compared to 2017.

The opportunity to witness a boom year with land prices like old year is very unlikely. However, there will be new areas in Saigon will explode suddenly, to occupy prominent areas, have caused fever in 2017.

real estate in HCMC

The Year of the Dog will not have a “hot” like the year Dinh Dau in the real estate market in Saigon.

Thu Thiem will become the center of the East of the city

The earthquake in 2017 has recorded a sudden heat from District 9. This area has “made the wind” on the market in the East in the old year.

But this year, Thu Thiem is forecast to be a new focus in the East. This area with new Thu Thiem new urban area will attract all the attention of the market. Signs have appeared since the end of last year, so this scenario will almost certainly happen to the East.

Specifically, many domestic and foreign investors have chosen Thu Thiem as the promised land. This will also become the “umbilicus” of high-end real estate projects in the East as well as Ho Chi Minh City.

The West will have a factor creating a surprise District 8

In 2018, in the West, District 8 will be the new focus of the market. This is considered the second district of Ho Chi Minh City. Taking the Ben Thanh market as the main nucleus, the distance from District 8 to connect with the center and the area is “hot” nearby is very close.

In addition, District 8 can easily connect with the districts: 1, 4, 5, 6. These are areas with densely populated, high-income people. And the infrastructure will also be invested more strongly.

Real estate in District 8

District 8 with its own advantages will create a “upside down” to win in the West

District 8 is expected to make a surprise this year because real estate here is at a much lower price. Compared to the districts with the same radius in Ho Chi Minh City, Districts 7 and 9. And in the city, District 8 is also listed as a very competitive area.

There are many good apartments in this area that are only offered for sale from VND20 million / sqm. These advantages will help District 8 overcome the opponents in the West Tan Phu, Binh Tan and Binh Chanh to become the area with the hottest property market in the region.

Nha Be will hold the southern city

Next year of Mau Tuat, many projects in Nguyen Van Linh, Nguyen Huu Tho, Nguyen Luong Bang, … and other streets in Nha Be will overcome Phu My Hung (District 7) to create a kick for real estate South City.

Previously, Phu My Hung with a great influence of its impact on the South. This urban area was formerly known as the Prince in the high-end residential segment at 3 km.

But since it is increasingly filled. Nha Be became the focus of the South. Nha Be rose to become a magnet to attract investors to the southern city.

There are many bright spots but still need attention

According to many experts, investment in crowd psychology in HCM City can now make investors with capital thin, lack of experience and knowledge of the market pushed into the mud.

Nha Be district

The southern part of the province is gradually getting out of the influence of Phu My Hung urban area

To limit the risks, experts advise that:

A group of investors with thin capital, less experienced, should go to the hot areas. That should go to less risky areas to invest.

The law of water flowing into the hollow is never wrong. After the hot areas at the present time cool down. It is inevitable that the current areas are bleak. That will be the opportunity for secondary investors.

Many experts also advise investors not to buy emotionally. And should not invest in the psychology of the crowd, not ignore, over the speakers when investing real estate.

Instead of picking up investors, it is necessary to thoroughly look at the location, legal and infrastructures, assess the potential, advantages and disadvantages of the products they invest. To make sure and avoid losing money injustice. It is best for the buyer to come in for inspection or possibly with the help of lawyers and consultants.

The importance of financial strength is also important. Accordingly, the best loan for the secondary investors is about 50%.

If borrowing more than 50%, investors need to anticipate the worst possible scenario. Loans of over 50% are only suitable for experienced investors, have strong financial resources and have enough enthusiasm and patience.

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