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3 Reasons to buy Palm Garden Keppel Land

Palm Garden Keppel Land

If a listing list of the hottest projects in the real estate market in HCM City do not have Palm Garden District 2, this is a big mistake. Palm Garden Keppel Land is invested and developed by leading real estate corporation Asia, which is currently the focus of the real estate market in the East in general and South Rach Chiec in particular.

As one of countless luxury apartment projects in district 2, why Palm Garden project always receive the attention of so many customers? Please visit Realestatevietnam learn through the following article.

Palm Garden Keppel Land creates the ideal living space

To evaluate a project of Apartment District 2 is really quality and potential or not need

Experiment through many factors. Fortunately, the Palm Garden apartment project in District 2 is full of the best elements – creating the perfect living space perfect.

Palm Garden - Plam City project
Perspective of apartment Palm Garden District 2

Palm Garden District 2 – Modern and civilized community in the future

Palm Garden is considered by leading real estate experts to be perfect in every aspect – creating true living value. In particular, the prominent advantages are crowded customers and large investors have to admit is the value of the future – creating a modern civilized population community.

Thanks to the advantage of the location of potential gold – the focus of District 2 – is also the place where many migrants come to work, study and live. Nearly all of them are successful, have a stable economic status, belong to the intellectual elite and more or less, if they want to buy a house, they will definitely pay attention this project.

So in the near future, when the apartment project in Palm City is officially put into operation – this will be the residence of These people – together gather and create a highly intellectual civilized community.

Palm Garden District 2 has a prestigious investor – Keppel Land

Developed and developed by the Keppel Land Group, the real estate giant from the lion island nation of Singapore, the Palm Garden project received The trust of many customers.

investor of Palm Heights
Keppel Land is the investor of the Palm Heights apartment complex

It can be said that the name of Keppel Land is the card “insurance” in gold – a guarantee for the quality of the project and the transparency of the purchase process. In addition, customers are very active support from the investor when deciding to buy apartments in the Palm Garden project.

The infrastructure of the area around Palm Garden is gradually improving

In recent years, District 2 has the fastest and most synchronous transportation infrastructure in the city. Especially, Rach Rach Chiec area is prioritized to invest in construction of key traffic works such as:

+ The expressway was started from the end of 4/2017 with the size of 04 lanes, the width of 30m and connected from the intersection with the An Phu intersection to the intersection with the inner ring. As far as we know, the project has a total investment of 800 billion and is expected to complete in 2019.

+ An Phu traffic junction (located at the intersection of major roads such as the expressway, Luong Dinh Cua, Mai Chi Tho and Nguyen Thi Dinh) with the design of three floors including underground tunnels and overpass. Expected when the construction is completed, the traffic jam in the peak hours here will be resolved to the most.

+ Besides, there are many big traffic works that directly affect the traffic connection of Palm Garden apartment project in the future such as:

the extended road, the project closed road Vanh Dai 2, the project to expand Do Xuan Hop, Nguyen Duy Trinh …

The above analysis is Realestatevietnam outstanding advantages of the Palm Garden apartment project and why you should choose this apartment as a permanent residence. May the information above really useful for you. Thanks!

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3 Reasons to buy Palm Garden Keppel Land

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