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3 Reasons To Buy Apartments At The End Of The Year

3 reasons to buy apartments at the end of the year

The end of the year is usually the most exciting time of the real estate market, high liquidity, large supply with a lot of programs to open sale, promotion … Thanks to that, customers can choose the product housing good with the attractive discount.

In this article, Vietnam real estate gives three reasons to buy an apartment at the end of the year for your reference, and list the good price, can move in right:

The first reason to buy an apartment at the end of the year: Limited risk compared to buying a home “on paper”

Choosing a “paper-on-a-house” will always mean that the client will have to accept any possible risks such as delayed projects, utility plans or designs that are altered from the initial commitment. , the quality of the house handed over is not the same with advertising, the legal project is unclear, transparent, … Even, many cases of customers to buy into the scene of money paid but not yet home to stay or lose. While fatigue is not compensated.

3 reasons to buy apartments at the end of the year
Buying a home now will be less risky than buying a house on paper

Sophisticated customers will analyze the details of the risk as well as the opportunity cost of acquiring real estate whether for residential or investment purposes. As a result, they tend to choose to buy assets that have been formed to minimize the troubles that house on paper brings.

However, the apartment immediately with many advantages “safe, peace of mind” often makes it difficult for customers to accumulate enough or have limited cash flow. Compared with the “future assets” paid on schedule, the financial pressure is mild, the type of apartment usually requires the buyer to pay enough money in one transaction, making the majority of guests Potential to shift interest to other segments because of fear of high commercial interest rates and signs of increase in the coming time.

The Second reason for buying a flat at the end of the year: Easy to assess legal, quality and living space

By “happy new home”, many families accept to buy apartments on paper, ready to wait for years to execute the project. In order to sell the goods, many investors have painted the project too truthfully, resulting in grievances after the residents moved in. These issues will, of course, be rare if customers are looking to buy a completed project and are in the process of handover.

3 reasons to buy apartments at the end of the year
Apartments in the immediate area are often easier to assess the quality and living space

Firstly, customers do not fall into the “illusion house model” is the owner of the interior design beautiful glitter with expensive materials. Secondly, it is easy to find out and look at the legal aspects of the project, so as not to fall into the habit of buying a house but never being able to do the paperwork. Third, it is possible to check the actual apartment and appraise the quality of housing construction on each centimeter. Fourthly, the living space and internal facilities as well as connecting the outer areas around the apartment also reached the minimum level under the existing planning and only possible to complete more comfortable in the future rather than worry about. cuts. And of course, the core element is the “original home” that still meets 100% of the customer’s expectations.

The third reason to buy the apartment at the end of the year: rich promotion, attractive discount

Heads of cash flow are accelerating into the market last season, many investors strongly offer incentive programs from the newly introduced projects to the project of handover or completed. and put into use. The most popular is the apartment segment from convalescence to an apartment.

A number of the new projects open sale offer promotional methods and gifts even worse, there are even straight projects discounted more than 10% to free up the basket. The projects are handed out, the policy of flexible sale to take advantage of the immediate needs of customers, quickly increase the occupancy rate after completion.

3 reasons to buy apartments at the end of the year
Buy at the end of the year, customers will receive many attractive promotions from the investor

It can be said that the end of the year is the ideal time for customers to choose to buy real estate, especially with newly completed projects because this is the ‘good’ time of the property to ensure safety and take advantage of the promotion of the owner to increase the benefits.

New City Thu Thiem

First of all, the project is New City Thu Thiem in the area of An Phu Ward, District 2 of Thuan Viet Investment Company. This project is being offered on the market with prices from VND40 million- VND45 million/sqm (excluding VAT). Investors pledged to hand over the apartments here from December 2017. With VND2 billion in hand, you can buy one bedroom fully furnished in this project.

3 reasons to buy apartments at the end of the year
Picture of project New City apartment Thu Thiem

New City Thu Thiem is located in front of Mai Chi Tho street (17 Mai Chi Tho street, An Phu Ward, District 2) – the most important and vital route in Thu Thiem new urban area. According to Vietnam real estate, there are two more high-end urban areas, namely the Dai Quang Minh Sala and the Sun Avenue, which adds to the value of the project. The location of the New City project in Thu Thiem is also considered to be easy to connect directly with Metro No. 2 extending from Ben Thanh market to Thu Thiem urban area. In the near future, when Thu Thiem 2 is completed, the move will be more convenient.

Estella Heights

Also located in District 2, the Estella Heights project is being offered for sale on the last 50 properties with an attractive price of VND46.5 million – VND54.9 million /sqm and is expected to be handed over in Q4 / 2017 or early 1/2018. It is known that this project is invested by Keppel Land with 33 floors. The price for one bedroom is about VND2.3 billion – VND2.6 billion.

According to the Estella Heights project owner, over 90% of the apartments in the project have been sold due to their superior location, utility size and finish. This indicates that the Estella Heights project has received a lot of attention from residential buyers and investors.

3 reasons to buy apartments at the end of the year
Perspective of Estella Heights project

Gateway Thao Dien

In Thao Dien area, District 2, Thao Dien Gateway apartment project of Son Kim Land is being offered for sale in the market with the price of one-bedroom apartments from 2.1 to 2.5 billion per unit. As expected, Son Kim Land will welcome the first residents in the fourth quarter of this year. The project has 4 high tower towers from 36 to 42 floors.

Located in Thao Dien area (District 2), right in front of Hanoi Highway, 300 meters from Metro An Phu. As a result, the project has “gold distance” to the strategic traffic. Living space of the project is balanced between comfort and still closed, quiet as a miniature resort.

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