30 Quick Questions About The One Verandah Project

One Verandah Project owns a location adjacent to Diamond Island, a permanent sight on District 1 and Saigon River, and is the last riverside project licensed in Thanh My Loi Area, District 2.

Besides this beautiful position, One Verandah also has many points to consider before buying. To help you better understand this project, Vietnam Real Estate offers 30 quick questions on the project.

  1. What is the official trade name of the project?

Trade name: One Verandah.

Legal Name of Project: Pre-Song River Commercial Service Apartment.

  1. Who is the project owner of One Verandah project?

Project One Verandah is owned by Mapletree Co., Ltd – a subsidiary of Mapletree.

  1. The exact location of the One Verandah project?
One Verandah project

location one verandah

Location of the One Verandah apartment project

Address: Area 1 – Thanh My Loi Residential Area, Thanh My Loi Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam:

5 minutes to Thu Thiem urban area

10 minutes to the center of District 1

20 minutes to District 7 and Phu My Hung

Project boundary:

The North East: bordering Nguyen Van Kinh Street, 20m wide

In the Northwest: borders Bat Bat street, 25m wide

Southwest: border with the road 25m

In the Southeast: It borders Ta Ta street, 25m wide

  1. What is the duration of the One Verandah apartment?

Possession forever.

  1. What are the land area and density of the One Verandah project?

Gross Floor Area is 16,684sqm

Density of Building of tower block is 40%, base block is 50%

  1. The number of Towers / Number of Floors of One Verandah Project?

Five towers: Soleil, Viento, Jardin, Ciel, Lumina.

22 floors/building: Floating parking (T1 – T2), utility floor (T3), apartment (T4 – T22)

  1. What is the total number of One Verandah apartments?

Includes 779 apartments and 29 shophouses.

One Verandah project

Perspective design project One Verandah

  1. How does One Verandah’s car park look like?

A parking lot and parking floor on the first and second floor.

  1. What is the type of One Verandah apartment?

One bedroom apartment:

Gross Floor Area: 54 – 59sqm

Gross Void Area: 49 – 53sqm

Two-Bedroom Apartment:

Gross Floor Area: 76 – 84m2

DTTT: 68 – 77 m2

Three-Bedroom Apartment:

Gross Floor Area: 104 – 111sqm

Gross Void Area: 94 – 101sqm

Apartment Duplex/penthouse:

Gross Floor Area: 150 – 344sqm

Gross Void Area: 135 – 317sqm

  1. Who are the project developers of One Verandah?

Architectural design: P & T Engineering Consultant – Singapore (http://www.p-t-group.com).

Electromechanical Design: Rankine – Hill Company Limited (http://www.rankine-hill.com).

Landscape Design: COEN (http://.coen-design.com).

  1. Conditions of handing over One Verandah apartment?

Completed apartments are handed over, including:

Fireproof door

Air conditioning for all bedrooms, living room/dining room

Complete wood flooring in all bedrooms

Wooden wardrobe for all bedrooms

Internal communication system

Complete kitchen: top and bottom kitchen cabinets, complete kitchen surfaces, pots and faucets, cookers and hoods.

Fully equipped bathroom

Smart lock

Power backup for common area

Hot water system for the whole apartment

Completion details as per the appendix of the apartment attached to the purchase contract.

  1. What is the difference between the One Verandah apartment project?
One Verandah project

View of the city from the One Verandah project

8,000sqm utility complex provides entertainment services for all ages.

Panoramic view of Saigon River and city at eye level.

Open balcony with spectacular views.

A spacious apartment with a design that provides natural light and air.

  1. What are the benefits of the One Verandah project?

Unique features with the unique design for maximum comfort and relaxation:

  1. Sunbathing area
  2. Garden of herbs
  3. Lawn to relax
  4. Chairs are scenic

Outdoor reading area

  1. Running track
  2. BBQ area (6 – 8 people)

Barbecue area (8 -10 guests)

  1. Outdoor dining area
  2. Library

Pool areas meet the diverse needs of residents:

  1. Lake Jacuzzi
  2. Olympic swimming pool 50m
  3. Overflow swimming pool
  4. Wave Lake

Children swimming pool

  1. Relaxing lake

Children’s play areas and physical activity provide amusement and health care for the whole family:

  1. Children’s play area (3-5 years old)
  2. Indoor play area
  3. Outdoor children playground (from 5 to 10 years old)
  4. Mini football field
  5. Basketball Court
  6. Tennis courts
  7. Gym
  8. Yoga Hall
  9. Outdoor fitness area

Other gadgets:

  1. Outdoor relaxation area
  2. Banquet room
  3. Outdoor Hall
  4. Relax by the pool
  5. Living room
  6. Water activities
  7. Outdoor lounge
One Verandah project

One Verandah project utility

  1. How are elevators/lounges at One Verandah project towers arranged?

The number of blocks in each block:

Block: Soleil and Viento: 4 guest ladders and 1 fire ladder ladder

Block Jardin: 3 guest ladders and 1 ladder load/fire ladder

Block Ciel and Lumina: 4 passenger ladders and 1 ladder load/fire ladder

Podium: 1 guest

Elevator capacity: 1350kg

Storage capacity: 1350 (18 people)

Hall width:

Block Jardin: 2,2m

Block Ciel: 2,2m

  1. What is the design of the One Verandah project corridor?

Width, length corridor:

Block Jardin: 1.6m wide

Block Ciel: 1.6m wide

Highlights of the corridor: All corridors are airy, 100% with balcony, Loya.

16. How are the escalators arranged?

Block Jardin: 2 escalators

Block Ciel: 1 escape ladder

Length of escape ladder: 1.2m

One Verandah project

Typical 3 bedrooms One Verandah apartment

  1. How does the One Verandah security system work?

Camera system: Camera in public area, garage, elevator.

Door Access Control System: Doorbell sound visual system.

  1. What is the waste collection system at the One Verandah project?

The modern waste collection system on each floor according to Singapore technology.

  1. Power backup at One Verandah project

Common area.

You can view more listings of projects being sold in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City: Apartments for sale in district 2

  1. What is the fire prevention system in One Verandah project?

According to fire prevention regulations.

  1. How to provide Internet at One Verandah project?

The Internet is provided to each apartment including the network cable to the outlet.

  1. What is the water tank at One Verandah?

The basin consists of a subterranean basin filled with water for one day, and each tower block has an FRP water tank on the roof.

  1. What is the ceiling height of the One Verandah project?

Height from tile floor to false ceiling:

Kitchen: 2,6m

Cleanliness: 2.4m

Elevation from floor to floor:

Typical apartment: 2,90m – 2,95m.

  1. What is the provision of running water and hot water at the One Verandah project?

Water is supplied to each apartment by PPR pipe according to latest standards. Hot water supplied to each apartment by central hot water is arranged in each apartment, water supply to the toilet and kitchen.

  1. How is the ventilation system installed?

In the apartment: The toilets are preferred to use natural ventilation system, only the toilet is not adjacent to the outside will be arranged mechanical ventilation to the roof. Apartment corridor: Natural ventilation.

  1. What is the Doorphone Video System?

Provide doorphone system to each apartment.

  1. Which bank guarantees the project?


  1. Taxes and charges per one Verandah apartment

Maintenance Fund: 2% of the apartment price before VAT

Value Added Tax (VAT): 10% of the flat price (excluding maintenance fee), after deducting VAT on land.

Registration fee for the certificate of ownership: 0.5% of the value of the apartment

Personal Income Tax (Resale): 2% of resale value

Personal Income Tax (Leasing): 5% VAT and 5% Personal Income Tax on total revenue

Business tax license: VND1 million / year if the income from the lease exceeds VND1.5 million / month.

Note: The above taxes and costs may vary depending on the authorities.

  1. What is the maintenance fund?

The maintenance fund is calculated as 2% of the value of the apartment before VAT and is used as a building fund to repair, upgrade and warrant the building.

  1. What is the estimated selling price of One Verandah?

Price for sale is VND45 million / sqm (excluding VAT), river view price VND55 million /sqm (excluding VAT). Selling price is calculated by the area of a waterway.

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