The Diamond Commercial Canary Island Commercial Apartment project is coming to market with a unique charm. All apartments in Canary Tower project Diamond Island this time will be the investor backed Techcombank with guarantee and loan.

In this article, Realestatevietnam will give instructions on the loan procedures for buying commercial apartments Diamond Island project from Techcombank.

Procedures and documents required when buying commercial apartments, offices Diamond Island

Customers lack financial but want to own commercial apartment Canary Tower project Diamond Island needs to be eligible to borrow Techcombank. In particular, customers should know the procedures and prepare the necessary documents as follows:

Techcombank is a guarantor bank as well as a loan provider for Diamond Island

Techcombank is a guarantor bank as well as a loan provider for Diamond Island

  • The first is the household registration book of the apartment (wife and husband)
  • Second is the identity card (wife and husband)
  • The third is the statement of monthly income statement: salary statement or rental contract, car … (wife and husband) if monthly payment (including principal and interest) accounts for about 70 % of income is eligible for loan.
  • Fourth is the certificate of being eligible for low interest loans introduced from the competent state agencies (if any).
  • Fifth is the deposit of commercial apartments Kim Cuong Island to banks to disburse procedures on time the investor.

Note: All of the above papers need to have a seal on the local side of the locality, after providing all the relevant documents when carrying out procedures for borrowing the goods will have a re-appraised apartment Customers choose to buy and appointment disbursement time, then customers will receive the “disbursement credit message” from the bank loan.

Can customers buy Canary commercial property projects Diamond Island when borrowing at Techcombank?

Techcombank is the bank financing Diamond Island project – Diamond Island office apartment from the first phase in 2019. Through the second phase of the project, Techcombank is the guarantor of the project.

The perspective bridge over Diamond Island

Diamond Island project is now complete and will be operational in Q4 / 2018

Currently, the policy of borrowing to buy commercial apartments in Diamond Island is quite good. The term of the loan is from 5 to 20 years and the grace period is within one year.

In addition, according to regulations, Techcombank will guarantee the construction progress of the project. At the same time, Techcombank will also control the cash flow used by customers for the main purpose of construction and is responsible for compensating customers under the guarantee contract if the Diamond Island project is delayed by contractual commitments. purchase. At present, the Canary Tower – the last tower at the Diamond Island project has been completed and can be handed over to customers in late 2018.

Diamond Island apartment

Customers will be entitled to one year grace period when choosing the method of buying commercial bank apartments, offices Diamond Island

With the prestige of Kusto Home and Techcombank guarantor, customers can be assured when choosing to buy Canary apartment project Diamond Island. Immediately after paying 25% and signing the loan contract, Techcombank will disburse 70% and customers can take home. Interest subsidy and grace period within 1 year.

In addition to the method of payment via bank, customers can choose payment method in batch only 50% until the house. The flexible payment method divided into 8 phases provides a great opportunity to own a commercial apartment, Diamond Island office. In addition, for customers with financial potential can choose 95% payment method to receive a very attractive discount 6%.

Standard payment schedule: 1 year (get home immediately after payment to 50% of apartment value).

  • Stage 1: Within 14 days of signing the registration form – Payment percentage: 25%.
  • Stage 2: 2 months after the payment of installment 1 – Payment percentage: 10%.
  • Stage 3: After 2 months from the payment of the 2nd payment and the delivery of the apartment – Payment percentage: 15% + 2% Maintenance fee.
  • Stage 4: 2 months after the payment of installment 3 – Payment percentage: 10%.
  • Stage 5: After 2 months from the payment of installment 4 – Payment percentage: 10%.
  • Stage 6: After 2 months from the payment of installment 5 – Payment percentage: 10%.
  • stage 7: After 2 months from the payment of installment 6 – Payment percentage: 15%.
  • Session 8: Red Book Delivery – Payment Percentage: 5%.
  • Total: 100%.

Currently, Realestatevietnam is accepting reservations for Canary Tower apartments in the Diamond Island project. Reservation fee is VND 100 million / seat (refundable). This is the last chance for you to own the project Diamond Island project with the best price from the investor.

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