4 Experiences For You In Negotiating The Price When Renting An Apartment

Finding a good apartment with reasonable price is not easy, especially for the first time in renting. To rent a good apartment, in addition to the price, it depends on a lot of the ability of the tenant to negotiate with the lessor.

To negotiate successful prices, you should know the 4 following experiences:

Survey prices around the area you intend to rent

Before you begin the negotiation process, you should equip yourself with as much knowledge of the real estate as much as possible. Studying areas that are affordable for you and do not forget to learn about the disadvantages that may be encountered when renting there. Once you’ve narrowed your study, comparing prices and utilities will help you choose the suitable apartment. Getting information for the rental price, of course, make the negotiation with the lessor price become easier.

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negotiating the price when renting an apartment

Survey the rental price in the area before renting an apartment

Do not forget to make a request to the lessor

In many cases, when you apply for a long-term contract, the lessor will agree to offer a lower price than you just rent a few months. Usually, the lessor wishes to sign a long-term contract to reduce the time and costs which arise in the absence of a replacement. Also, do not forget to ask for other benefits such as free parking, new paint or furniture … If you do not ask, the tenant may think that you do not need these things.

In addition, in any negotiation, understanding the psychology of the partner is very important. Through the attitude, gesture or words of the lessor you can know if they are satisfied, hesitant, or disagree with the price you ask. From there you can adjust the rental price in a way that suits the interests of the two parties. Or, as your contract expires, you know the lessor will probably have trouble to find a new tenant. Then, you can offer to extend the contract at a lower price than the initial price.

Show the lessor that you are a reliable person

negotiating the price when renting an apartment

Before starting the negotiation, you should equip yourself with as much knowledge of the real estate as possible

Every lessor wants his tenants to be reliable. So appearing with a dirty car or wearing a sports pants can give the impression that you are not clean or do not pay the rent on time. Dressing politely and showing a thoughtful, reliable person will help you negotiate more easily and convince the lessor. Demonstrate that you have a stable job with an income of two to three times your monthly rental price. If you are unemployed or in financial hardship, the lessor will be at risk of letting you stay at their home.

Do not argue with the lessor

Have you heard “silence is golden”? In a negotiation, being quiet at the right time and listening to the tenants’ opinions will help you capture more information and understand what they want. Talking a lot and attempting to persuade are not always good. The speaker needs a listener.

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negotiating the price when renting an apartment

To negotiate a good rental price, do not argue with the lessor.

Never underestimate the power of kindness and respect. Your potential lessor is a human being and of course, desires to be treated best. The argument or strong reaction isn’t useful for negotiating the price. Showing respect and courtesy can get better results than you think.

More importantly, a negotiation will easily succeed if the interests of both parties are guaranteed. So never just think about your own interests, be clear about what you need and be flexible in the deal.

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