4 Golden Tips For Young Couples Preparing To Buy A Home

After many years of hard work, you and your wife have accumulated a decent amount of money, if plus bank loan is enough to buy a small house. But do not rush, refer to the 4 tips below before buying a home.

Note 1: Only select the house that matches the financial ability of the couple

When the financial gain is low, young couples need to find a small house, which can be located on the edge of the city center rather than wait, save to buy a big house as expected. his wish.

***See more information about the real estate law here: Vietnam real estate law

Owning a beautiful house, luxury, convenient location at the heart of the dream of many people. But, remember, this is not the right time to make your dream come true. And if you wait until the finances permit, it does not know how long it will last. In addition, the longer you go, the more money you rent, the more you rent, not to mention the life of rent is very inconvenient, and when you have children, electricity costs are also three to four times more expensive.

So find a suitable home, maybe small, a little far from the center but it is yours. From here, you and your husband can make peace of mind. After this, when qualified, you can resell and buy your dream home.

4 golden tips for young couples preparing to buy a home

Small apartment is an ideal choice for young couples

Note 2: Consider carefully choosing your home

If you want to quickly own a suitable home, the search is mandatory. The search for information on housing transactions on the Internet is not too difficult. Your husband and wife can easily find out, catch the common market, zone the area you want to buy… The couple should also consult with friends, in the residential area to ask directly. Find people who are really looking to sell your home.

It takes time, but it helps you find a home and know the status of housing, living environment, population situation, price and more choices … If you want to buy a home You should know the information about the project, the investor, technical infrastructure system, utility services, car parking …

Along with the search, the couple also needs help from relatives, especially while you are financially strapped.

You should borrow money from your parents, brothers, relatives, friends because this is a source of money mostly do not pay interest or if there are not many. However, you may have to pay this amount whenever they need it.

Note 3: Take advantage of the best loans

If the accumulated money plus the money borrowed from relatives is not enough, then you can find out about the preferential policies of the bank for homebuyers. However, couples should only select a reputable bank and the loan amount does not exceed 30% of the value of the home to avoid financial pressure.

There are a few notes that young couples need to care about when buying a home, although you are very eager to have a home but should not be too hasty on finding out information and deciding to borrow because of the possible risks anytime.

4 golden tips for young couples preparing to buy a home

Be careful when borrowing money from banks

Note 4: Thorough study of the house

Before buying a home, you should check the legal status of the house, check the red book, housing, as well as the status of planning, mortgage. This is extremely important if you do not have time for these things, get help from the real estate trading floor because their team is very knowledgeable about the market and will benefit your spouse.

In addition, you should also thoroughly understand the surrounding population, transport infrastructure, factories, factories… If more time, you should also consider the feng shui issue to have a good The house is directional, cool in summer, warm in winter …

The benefits of buying a home through a broker instead of buying it yourself

Buying a home is a waste of time and effort, sometimes making you feel tired, pressure, especially for first-time homebuyers. Due to not being able to handle dozens of jobs on their own, many have chosen to hire brokers to trade quickly. What are the benefits of buying a home through a broker instead of buying a home yourself?

  • First: Get more time for your family and work
  • Second: Help you buy the right home value
  • Third: Helps you deal with housing legal procedures
  • Fourth: Help you buy the best house

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