4 reasons make HPC landmark 105 attract customers

The reasons such as when buying apartments, customers can move to live immediately, sustainable architecture to save energy, receiving direct benefit from transport infrastructure, super-preferential sales policy … explain why HPC Landmark 105 attracted customers in the recent time .

Upon buying apartments, customers can move to live immediately

Normally, customers buying real estate projects under construction will have to wait a few years before they can receive house. And in case the market develops poorly, the investor lacks potential and prestige, it is the customer who will bear many losses because the project is slow to hand over.

Contrary to that, HPC Landmark 105 high-end apartment project has come to the final stage of completion and residents can own a fully imported furnished apartment in only 4 next months. Although the customer will receive the apartment in the first quarter of 2018, but the owner confirmed that after signing a sale contract, residents are free to stay in other luxury apartment projects during the waiting period.

This sales policy reflects the reputation of the owner in its commitment to the project’s handover progress.

Super preferential sales policy

HPC Landmark 105 realizes the dream of “house and car” because upon signing sale contract, residents will be able to own a Mazda 3 car equivalent to 365 million from the investor.

Specially, the sales policy of HPC Landmark 105 also creates spirit value when customers are able to live in other luxury apartment free of charge in 9 months waiting to receive home. In addition to profitability, this also demonstrates the human values ​​and prestige of the owner in committing to the delivery progress and quality of the project.

On the details of the policy, customers only need to pay 50% of apartment value to be able to move in and pay the next payment after 2 years. Thus, customers have 24 months to prepare money or use that amount to invest for profit.

When customers choose the financial loan package, they will be entitled to 0% interest rate and extending principal payment period in the first 18 months and 100% fee-free when paying debt before maturity; own a side by side refrigerator worth 20 million; to be donated 48 “TV with worth 13 million; to be offered 1 air-conditioner worth 8 million; to be enjoyed 4% of the pre-tax value if paying 70% of the apartment value and 6% of the pre-tax value if paying 95% of the apartment value.

Energy-saving architecture

To be one of the first projects in Hanoi to apply aerodynamics into architecture to take advantage of the natural energy and wind energy so we can save 35-50% of the electricity consumed monthly. This is due to the fact that HPC Landmark 105 inclines 45 degrees compared to To Huu front.

With this design, the project can avoid the Southwest wind direction and makes use of the southeast and northeast winds so the apartment and buildings are always cool. Thus, in addition to saving a considerable cost for utilities, residents can also enjoy a comfortable living environment that enhances health, especially the elderly and minor children.

Applying the aerodynamics principle also helps Landmark 105 avoid about 50% of the wind force which can increase the durability of the building. By reducing the wind vortex, it will reduce the erosion of the natural elements so the foundation and other building materials such as lime walls, water pipes and technical systems such as building equipment.

This is considered as a solution to reduce the rapid degradation of construction projects in Vietnam that Franken Architekten design unit (Germany) has applied to achieve sustainable value for human living environment.

Benefited from public transport due to location

Recently, the information that Hanoi will stop operating motorbikes in urban districts by 2030 has increased the value of the real estate project because of benefits from the development of public transport.

Among them are HPC Landmark 105 project which is opposite to the Yen Nghia – Kim Ma BRIT bus stop. In addition, the project is also benefited from Cat Linh – Ha Dong urban railway which is going to put into operation.

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With a strategic location at the western gateway, from HPC Landmark 105, it is easy to move to central districts by public transportation. Moreover, being located on To Huu Street with 6 lanes will be a huge competitive advantage of the project compared with other projects in the same area.

HPC Landmark 105 is a combination of features creating a solid mass that not only brings customers present benefits but also affirms long-term value. That is the nature of a real estate product.

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