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5 advantages to invest in coco skyline resort

perspective Coco Skyline Resort project

After being topped the roof, Cocobay has been launched. The price at the time of purchase is only 1.4 billion with the initial payment of 560 million. It is the only condotel in Cocobay using smart technology. Those are the advantages of Coco Skyline Resort.

Firstly, the condotel project is about to complete but it costs only 1.4 billion. This is one of the advantages attracting customers of Coco Skyline Resort. 1.4 billion is also a very good price to become a “part of the owner” of Cocobay now, because it has officially launched the first phase in mid July.

This also means that Cocobay’s profits are no longer potential but has gradually become reality to investors. In addition, compared with the price level of other coastal Danang projects fluctuating not less than 2.5 billion/unit, it is obviously that price 1.4 billion of this project worth to invest.

Secondly, investing 560 million, receive at least 160 million/year. 560 million is the financial portion corresponding to 40% of the apartment value that the customers pay for the investor. The entire amount will be supported by loan from SHB within 15 years.

Remarkably, each year the owner is entitled to a profit margin of at least 12%/year, equivalent to 160 million/year (applied to 1.4 billion apartment). This committed profit will be implemented continuously for eight consecutive years.

With this amount, the short-term payback ability period is high. From the 9th year onwards, the investor will share 80% of the profit from the apartment business.

Thirdly, the project has exceeded the construction progress. Coco Skyline Resort is currently topped the roof. The owner said that the main contractor is mobilizing human resources to accelerate the progress of the project. At this rate, Coco Skyline Resort is now constructing faster than the previously committed schedule with its customers.

According to the representative of the Empire Group, The Cocobay complex was commenced in June 2016, and after 1 year of construction, we made a promise to customers to put the project into operation of first phase. It is similar for the component projects, the Empire Group will use all resources from personnel to finance to deliver on schedule to customers. We believe this is the method to create confidence of customers in Cocobay. “

Fourthly, Cocobay project was officially opened. The first phase of Cocobay includes the Boutique Hotel, walking street with a system of multi-style restaurants and art performances that were officially put into operation on July 15.

To be the first large-scale entertainment complex of Da Nang and Vietnam to be opened, Cocobay has created a great attraction in the market.

VNG Land, one of Cocobay official distributor, said: “On the day launching Cocobay, many customers called us. The launch of Cocobay also creates a huge sales motivation, because we are proud to distribute a unique product bringing high profits, and more importantly, it is the real product”.

The fifth highlight of the project is using Cocobay’s unique smart condotel technology. Coco Skyline Resort is the only smart condotel project of Cocobay. Each unit is equipped with closed smart technology devices.

It is easy for the owner or visitor to do any activity such as controlling electronic devices such as televisions, air conditioners, lighting systems, sound systems, blinds or opening doors by a smartphone. .

The project also owns a prime location in the Cocobay complex. The frontage is the busy walking street, bustling Boutique Hotel with its dynamic restaurants, pubs, bars and cafés. The project is also adjacent to two top class golf courses in Southeast Asia and Da Nang sea.

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