5 Benefits Of Buying A Secondary Home

Buy existing apartments are risky if not carefully selected products and transaction objects. However, this decision also gives the buyer the same benefits as buying an apartment from the owner.

Buying a home with a legal title, or buying a secondary home from a buyer, distinguishes it from buying from the owner (primary) will bring the following benefits:

Get home now

One of the advantages of buying a second home is that the landlord can move in without having to wait, even if the lease will generate income immediately. Buyers or investors are not at risk as primary buyers buy from the time when the apartment is only available on paper, the buyer does not know how to complete, the quality of construction, management capacity. For professional investors, secondary assets are assets that have already existed, cash flows have been constantly flowing through this asset.

The benefits of buying a low end home

The biggest advantage when buying a home immediately to receive the right home

Luxury living room Northwest high-rise apartment T4B Masteri Thao Dien

The biggest advantage of buying a second home is getting the right home

Minimize purchase costs

Compared to buying a secondary home, buying a new home from an investor, especially an apartment, the buyer may have to pay more because the value of the home includes a lot of additional costs. Each other like:

Initial construction costs

The cost of advertising the marketing of the investor

The monthly interest that the investor pays when borrowing for construction (if borrowed).

The cost of “buried money” in the case of project construction progress lag.

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The benefits of buying a low end home

Minimize the cost of buying a low-end home

The risk cost of the project for any dispute, bankruptcy or bank confiscation.

While buying a secondary home you will have more opportunities to negotiate better prices, reach the nearest real value of the property at the time of purchase and minimize the costs that may arise.

Advantage when negotiating the price

When deciding to buy a second home, the buyer will have an advantage in negotiating the price. When buying an existing home, the buyer will easily check the status of the home, find out the owner Households wishing to sell fast due to reasons such as relocation, personal health problems, financial problems, marriage, etc., So the negotiation will be considered carefully, the seller will be easy to approve the reasonable rates offered by the buyer.

The resident community has shaped

Secondary products usually located in residential areas have been developed steadily and orderly. Synchronous planning, the buyer can shape the development of the area in general and the house in particular. Living space is reflected quite clearly through activities and life of the people around. It is easy for buyers to determine whether the community is suitable for their family and what they want.

The benefits of buying a low end home

Secondary products usually located in residential areas have been developed steadily and orderly

Legal flat:

Invest in buying a secondary home, buyers will not be too worried about legal factors. Generally, the projects have been formed and handed over to the client, the landlord will usually be issued a certificate of ownership of the apartment.

Secondary apartment sales will be more flexible as both can sit down to discuss the rights and responsibilities of each party and make the appropriate arrangements for both. Unlike sales contracts from the project owner, these will often be one-way contracts.

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