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5 Important Notes Cannot Be Overlooked When Paving Floor For Your Apartment

Secret when paving the apartment floor

At present, many apartments tend to pave wood instead of brick as before. But before the wood flooring, there will be a few golden notes that help keep wood floors strong that we should not ignore.

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Today, most people prefer wood flooring for their homes because of the high aesthetics of the material. But besides helping to make the house more beautiful thanks to the variety of textures, wood color but also cool summer, warm to buy winter. Especially on dry days are not wet but dry, comfortable.

Secret when paving the apartment floor
Wood floors increase the aesthetics of the house

However, with this material, users will need to pay attention to a lot of important notes during the flooring process below.

1.Make sure your floor is flat before laying the floor

We need to know that, in terms of muscle, natural wood flooring or industrial laminate flooring, all have no bearing effect. Therefore the stability of the laminate floor largely depends on the quality of the underlying substrate. Therefore, the best choice for flooring before paving is the concrete floor, cement floor, ceramic floor.

With that, we also can not forget what to do is remove the roughness on the surface. Especially with concrete, cement should be flat, remove the protrusions on the surface. This avoids clogged parquet flooring after flooring.

Secret when paving the apartment floor
Make sure the floor is flat before laying the floor

Also with the ceramic tile should pay attention to the quality of ceramic tiles. Because of the poor quality of glaze, it can be prevented after long periods of use. That would not be good when it comes to wood flooring.

2.Share the floor area and the edge of the wall

The wood material can be dilated with the hot and humid weather. Therefore, one tip for making laminate flooring is to divide the room and keep the openings to compensate for expansion. At the same time, it should be a small distance from the edge of the wall.

So, when the floor is dilated, it will not break, swell, lose aesthetics.

  1. Lay laminate flooring after do door and paint the walls

Making doors or painting walls before paving is important. Because to avoid them from the environment. So the space that is paved with parquet flooring needs to be finished before the door and the wall. And should choose the floor is the last step before painting to avoid construction workers scratching or the dirty floor.

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  1. Select the size of the wooden bar in accordance with space

Depending on the space will need the different size of the wood bar. The simplest way is large size logs for large rooms and small logs for narrow rooms.

In addition, small rooms should use light wood and large rooms use dark wood.

Secret when paving the apartment floor
Choose the color and size of the wood bar depending on the area of the room

5.Do not forget to choose appropriate accessories

For different spaces, choose the right accessory. Normally, if the floor is industrial wood, it will be 3mm plastic nylon. And natural wood flooring is spongy silver or rubberized polyester foam. Especially, this accessory material is suitable for the high susceptibility conditions. Or similar materials such as foam, thaw, soy sauce laminate has a high durability and water resistance so it can also be used with the wall to moisture.

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