5 reasons to shophouse apartment at VinCity Grand Park

Although the market is still in the shophouse supply is limited. For the 5 reasons below, investors should consider the shophouse option at VinCity District 9.

A prestigious investor

Shophouse is a type of housing combined with a business shop. This method meets the demand of living, trading as well as leasing.

The shophouse apartment is usually the owner’s priority location beautiful, next to the commercial center. Being evaluated as a trend of commercial business in the future, the shophouse is being sought by investors and retailers to develop the brand.

VinCity Grand Park Project

With commitment of Vingroup owner, VinCity Grand Park promises to have high-end facilities and many incentives for residents.

Pioneering in the shophouse model must include the City City, Royal City, Vinhomes Central Park projects of Vingroup. And in the VinCity Grand Park project targeting the masses, Vingroup also invested in this product. All of the shop houses at VinCity Grand Park are on the ground floor, which is designed to accommodate many items.

Vingroup is a very familiar name in the real estate market, which is considered the most prestigious corporation of the year for 3 years (2016-2018). In fact, not any Vingroup project also invests in a shophouse. Therefore, the selected projects are synonymous in that the convergence factors ensure success for the business purpose and investment of the owner.

In previous projects of Vingroup, the resale and lease rate of this type of apartment almost reached 100%. The most obvious demonstration is Vinhome Vinh Cau projects, Vinhomes Central Park … Therefore, investors can rest assured about the potential of this type at VinCity Grand Park.

Closed ecological system, residents will have many options

VinCity Grand Park also owns closed ecosystem model such as other high-end projects of Vingroup. This will create a green urban area, yet far from the center, but all the needs of people from travel, eating, shopping to relax, play, entertain, heal, study … are answered. maximum response without going far. Thus, the shophouse apartment of VinCity Grand Park will be in the crowded population. The shopping mall, crowded service opens the door to a profitable business for homeowners.

VinCity Grand Park's closed ecosystem

VinCity Grand Park’s closed ecosystem will help residents to experience all the conveniences without having to travel far.

Mr. Pham Nhat Vuong, Chairman of Vingroup confirmed that: “The infrastructure and living conditions at VinCity Grand Park will be no worse than the current projects of Vingroup. The other is just the position. ” This promises that VinCity Grand Park will be a new city attracting high middle-income and real estate needs. A place where people are crowded but far from the city will be a better business opportunity and also a shophouse investment opportunity.

Traffic system linked to the main traffic axis

In terms of location, VinCity Grand Park is adjacent to main arteries such as Ha Noi Highway, Metro 1, 2, 3, Mai Chi Tho … Therefore, it is very easy to move between the residential area and the center of the city and neighboring provinces. Easy.

Location of Vincity Grand park

VinCity Grand Park benefits from the main transportation system in Distric 9

VinCity Grand Park’s internal connectivity is also convenient. It only takes you about 10 minutes to get to all the important places in the county.

Convenient transportation system will be a priority for customers when considering and attracting people to play, visit, entertainment, shopping in other places to come.

At present, the population of District 9 is about 126,220 people, not to mention the number of people coming from outside and the number of people moving to VinCity. This will be the abundant and potential customer for VinCity Grand Park.

High profit for surfing investors

As mentioned above, the type of apartment shophouse is attracting the attention of many people, while the supply in the market is scarce. Therefore, a good and potential project such as VinCity Grand Park will always be attractive. In addition, the investor is enjoying a great deal with this type of apartment.

The fact that shophouse apartments in some of the previous projects of Vingroup increased rapidly after only a short time. And the shophouse of VinCity Grand Park is also expected to be no exception. This is a great opportunity for surfers to make profit.

High liquidity

According to CBRE (real estate market research company), office leasing services, shophouses in 2018-2020 will continue to increase. Another advantage to the type of apartment shophouse profitable when  Ho Chi Minh City is applying special regime to promote trading business.

This type of apartment is in high demand, the market is quite scarce because in each project only 2% – 3% of the total product so the purchase easier. VinCity Grand Park is leading the scale in the East Saigon area, the density of high population is also a factor that makes liquidity easy to buy eaand sell.

It can be seen, the shophouse apartment of VinCity Grand Park has a lot of profit potential for investors interested.

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