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5 seasons – the investment opportunity right at the center of hanoi

TNR GoldSeason

Aiming to customer of the successful segment, 5 Seasons condotel of TNR GoldSeason is forecasted to be an opportunity for customers and investors.

Factors for investors to pour capital into apartments for rent

The reality shows that there are many reasons why investors choose apartments for rent model.

Firstly, in the past years, the rental market in Vietnam has been stable due to the demand of foreigners, especially Japanese and Korean is rather high. This is a good profitability for investors to buy apartments for rent.

Secondly, rental apartments are the less volatile investment, less affected by price or interest rates compared to other investment channels.

However, one of the important principles for investing in rental property is to choose projects of favorable positions.

In recent years, the number of foreigners in need of renting real estate in Thanh Xuan district (Hanoi) has increased due to the development and expansion of foreign businesses.

However, exploiting this seemingly easy source is not easy at all because picky foreign customers are only satisfied with positioned of 5-star quality services managed by professional units in accordance with international standards, while the number of projects in Thanh Xuan be able to meet this requirement is very limited or rare.

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Attraction of condotel right in the center

With regular apartments, investors are always think ways to solve the problem of looking for tenants and invest at their expenses in other added value for the apartment as additional furniture to attract customers.

Besides, the difference between a condotel and other types of property is that instead of having to look for customers, manage the problems arising with the apartment and other annoyance, for condotel, there will be an international unit responsible for management along with privileged facilities, professional services will add value to the apartment, attract domestic and foreign tenants.

Therefore, as soon as having information on the market, 5 Seasons – “soul” of TNR GoldSeason complex has attracted investors.

At 5 Seasons, the owner and TNR Holdings Vietnam management unit have invested in free-of-charge lifelong convenience items serving the essential needs and spiritual life of residents such as GYM, Yoga, swimming pool, sauna and Jacuzzi, community recreation room (billiards room, table tennis …), meeting room, library …

Besides, choose to live at 5 Seasons, in addition to being lived in a civilized environment, residents are also entitled to utilities of international standards.

Therefore, the facilities at 5 Seasons are arranged as a 5-star hotel. Accordingly, the service system of international standards such as room cleaning, laundry, food service, go to supermarket for families … are provided to each apartment.

Specially, 5 Seasons also inherits the facilities available of TNS GoldSeason complex such as shopping centers, convenience supermarket, luxury cafes and restaurants, four-season swimming pool, international school systems, large greenery campus, BBQ garden, central tropical garden, outdoor children’s play area …

With a total area ​​up to 22,000 m2, in which the area of ​​trees and landscapes occupy nearly 70%, this will be a fresh, airy and truly natural living space.

Not only the customers in need pay attention to the project, investors are also aimed to it because it is located on Nguyen Tuan Street, between the artery routes such as Nguyen Trai, Le Van Luong, Ring Road 3… From here, residents can easily move into the city center as well as the surrounding area.

As a project invested a lot of utilities and services, but with 1.6 billion, customer can own a luxury hotel apartment in the project centrally located in Thanh Xuan District.

According to TNR Holdings Vietnam, at 9:00 on September 17, 2017, the seminar themed “Investment opportunities of condotel in the center of Hanoi” will take place at 24th floor, TNR Tower, 54A Nguyen Chi Thanh, Hanoi.

The program with the presence of financial and investment consultants will provide useful information on condotel investment opportunities in the center of Hanoi with a profit margin up to 10%.

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