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5 Secrets Make You Feel Bigger Space House 

Free Space for Small House

With the characteristics of “golden land” in big cities today, the houses or apartment buildings are the common area from 50sqm to 70sqm, or even the houses with the small area under 30sqm still exist between major cities.

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Despite its small size, the house has to be fully furnished and the right living space for two or three generations has become a challenge for architects. Therefore, the minimalist interior design is now the solution preferred by architects to save the area of the house.

Free Space for Small House
Minimalist interior design is now the solution preferred by architects to save the area of the house

5 golden rules in interior design minimalist style:

Rule 1: The removal of unnecessary walls helps create open space and penetration between the interior and exterior of the building. The construction of walls to separate the living space will cause the house to be separated rigidly and reduce the area used. Instead, the trend of minimalist style design nowadays will be using 2D and 3D partition walls that are easy to remove and can create the space division that makes up the design point. the personality of the owner of the house.

Free Space for Small House
The house uses a CNC partition to create a spacious, simple and delicate space

Rule 2: Use the sliding doors to show the modern, delicate space saving for the house. Doors, windows, doors, sliding doors will be simple to manipulate when used and above all to solve the problem of dead space when using traditional doors.

Free Space for Small House
The design of sliding doors for bedroom and space has just created open spaces in the house

Rule 3: Use glass railing with stairs or balconies. Placing the balcony balustrade in the balcony area will create an enlarged view to create a sense of home space to integrate with the outside. For stairs in the house, simple glass railings are installed but show the sophistication and elegance of the house and at the same time make the space in the house become airy with each other.

Free Space for Small House
Glass rails help widen the viewing angle to any indoor space, simple but extremely delicate and luxurious

Rule 4: The use of fixed furniture such as furniture, bedside cabinets will make space becomes cramped, and most of all use the interior but do not know how to arrange and arrange the house. become cluttered. The best solution currently being used is the use of versatile furniture and compact furniture. A variety of gadgets will help minimize the amount of interior space. Compact furniture is also a popular option to save space for the home.

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Free Space for Small House
Multi-purpose beds can be easily folded to save space for small bedrooms

Rule 5: Choose bright colors to make the house feel more spacious. Using bright colors is the main color that many owners fear the house becomes boring cannot show the personality. However, under the hands of the architects, light colors are a very good foundation for color matching reflects the personality of the owner. The furniture in the house is mixed in light colors based on the main color. It will create a harmonious whole, as well as create a feeling of open space has the artistic highlights of the house.

Free Space for Small House
Choose bright colors to create a sense of the area of the house becomes wider

Thus, a beautiful house – is a house designed to create the optimal use of space for each sqm.  A beautiful house must be designed with fully functional, functional areas are arranged reasonable, although small area but all necessary utilities, ensure airy space and still highlight the fish qualities of the home. With the motto “Simple is the pinnacle of sophistication” – minimalist interior design is becoming a popular trend and one of the architects of the professional class.

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