5 Storage Locations That You Missed Out On Interior Design

Do you think that the red eye does not draw yet another square meter to design the storage space in the house area of his limit? But are you sure?

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When you are used to living in the same way that it is, it is very difficult to create home-based solutions, especially for small homes. However, there are interior locations that can be completely requisitioned for virtually any home that you have accidentally missed.

The following five seemingly unobtrusive interior locations will probably make you find a hosting solution for yourself without having to buy a larger home.

Delight the interior design above the kitchen cabinet

While it is not easy to think of this interior, you should still make the most of the space on your kitchen cabinets instead of the spider webs, and do not leave the messy stuff you do not have. get away You can use them to exhibit decorations for luxury kitchens, feng shui items, or favorite ceramics collections … Or items that are needed but need to be used once in a while, like a basket for a dozen rolls of eating paper for example.

Storage location when designing interior

You do not know in the kitchen cabinet is a vast area for you to spoil the beautiful interior design

Incredible interior location inside the window frame

You can arrange a shelf at the window, especially in the kitchen. At that time you spoiled all kinds of spices as well as beautiful pots to decorate the kitchen. The most interesting is to order a collection of plates, glass cup face because they look very absorbed in the sun.

Storage location when designing interior

Now your kitchen has more storage space

Area, not air

Just screw in the ceiling with a real cable sure you started to create a storage space for your home. If you only plan to hang lightweight items, you can use the flywheel bulldozer to attach the hook to the ceiling. Hanging cabinets, bicycles or even chairs can be hung, as long as space below is empty.

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Storage location when designing interior

Hanging a seat just hovering nicely and saving how much is the area on the ground, is unique

Behind the sofa

If your sofa is placed close to the wall, move it away from the wall about 15cm and let the stack of seats into that space in case visitors. If the sofa is in the middle of the room, place a small table in the back of the chair to refill the dishes, cloth, even children’s toys.

Storage location when designing interior

A sofa table is not a bad idea when you want to save space

Inside the bathroom

If you do not fit a bathroom towel cabinets in the bathroom but have a square two foot, get a stool and put it away as far away from the bath as possible. Then you comfortably load up to dozens of soft towel you can find.

Storage location when designing interior

A chair is how much room to save the bathroom

Buying a small home means you have a lot of opportunities to design a beautiful home. Do not miss the opportunity to refer to the beautiful little house to draw the space-saving tips for you!

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