6 Mistakes Make You Clean Up, Dirty House

Among the most useful hygiene items today, the vacuum cleaner is mentioned more. Vacuum cleaners help us save a lot of time when cleaning the house.

The first mistake: Using a bristle brush frequently

Nowadays, many Vietnamese families use their broom to clean the dirt on the surfaces of their furniture. However, many surveys show that the bristles next to dust removal are capable of depositing hair on the surface. Therefore, if you regularly use the bristles, your house cannot be completely clean, even dirty than when not cleaned.

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The second mistake: Cleaning the floor improperly

6 mistakes make you clean up, dirty houseWhen we scrub the surface of the floor, we often have the habit of pouring the soap off the floor and cleaning immediately afterward. However, many experts say that it is better to leave soap on the floor for a while, then clean it.  Because if you pour down the soap and then clean immediately, the dirt on the ground just lost a bit.

The third mistake:”Do not care” vacuum cleaner

Among the most useful hygiene items today, the vacuum cleaner is mentioned more. Vacuum cleaners help us save a lot of time when cleaning the house. However, not so that you forget to clean and clean this machine. Once the vacuum cleaner gets stuck, the effect will be less noticeable and even damaged in the short term. It is recommended that you clean the vacuum cleaner weekly to increase the longevity and performance of the machine.

The fourth mistake: Cleaning the window at the wrong time

6 mistakes make you clean up, dirty houseOn hot days when the temperature is high, if you clean the window at this time, it will be ineffective because hot sunlight can make water evaporate rapidly when you have not cleaned up yet. Therefore, it is better to choose cool days to clean your windows, so that you can increase your efficiency.

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The fifth mistake: Putting off work on weekends

On weekdays, you get buried in a lot of work at the company, they make you tired and do not have much time to clean the house. So you push home cleaning on the weekend when the dirt is thick and full of every corner of the house. Therefore, the sanitation is also harder and takes longer. It is advisable for you to clean your home every day, or at least 2 days at a time, do not rush into the weekend.

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