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6 Note When Selling A Home To Foreigners

6 note when selling a home to foreigners

Currently, the demand for renting houses and buying houses of foreigners in Vietnam is increasing sharply because of the open door policy. However, there are many people who have difficulty selling houses to foreigners. 

First: Need to communicate with foreigners

If you want to sell your home to a foreigner, it is imperative that you communicate with them in their own language, which may not necessarily communicate well but should be enough for the two parties. understand each other. Because there will be many incidents and problems that arise while dealing with foreigners, or during the time you call to look after them. Good foreign language skills will be the key to opening more business opportunities, relationships with customers, foreign partners.

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6 note when selling a home to foreigners
The key to successful home sales for foreigners is to truly understand their needs

Second: Scheduled, do not be wrong!

You have to pay special attention to this, the foreign guests love to work on time if the delay of 1 to 2 minutes many guests are not satisfied and they do not care about any reason you give … Make sure you are on time. If you arrive on time you do not know what you are doing, but it will be a plus for you in the way you work. In case of late arrival, message a message, so that guests know that you also respect their time.

Third: What is not sure should not be said

As foreigners, sometimes they can not understand the issues and procedures in Vietnam, so you have to work clear from the beginning. When not sure, do not say. When the words you say do not come out, the hard-edged guests will assume that you are an unskilled, professional, and cause the foreigners to feel you are cheating on them. lack of information, confusion.

Fourth: Be honest, keep their prestige

Foreigners love honesty. So be a responsible, honest broker, do the best you can, and do your best. You should not take advantage of them as foreigners that price, increase the price, charge all fees … By doing so, they also know how good you are, so keep doing the enthusiasm, honestly will have success.

6 note when selling a home to foreigners
When selling a home to a foreigner, do not say what is not true

Fifth: Understand procedures for dealing with foreigners

All procedural information must be accurate. You can not close deals with customers when the terms, information, conditions to constitute a transaction is not enough. The consequences and complications will be unforeseen. The basis of each transaction is different.

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Friday: The most important thing! Be an ambassador

When you work with foreigners you are representing the Vietnamese people to work. If you go tricking people, you make it stain not on your friend, but sometimes to the customer they also take the Vietnamese people, a whole industry. So when you work, you have to do better, be proud, proud of yourself, about the nation.

Maybe this feels a bit too big, but not too good. Try to do good work, you are the patriot, the bridge for foreigners love Vietnam. Because in many cases you are a tourist, cultural or human visitor who knows more about your country.

Another thing to consider is how to take care of your customers when they need to buy a home, the first person they trust and remember, it is you. It is the goal not all brokers want to set out to achieve, only people with enough passion, sincerity and love to actually do this job.

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