6 Solutions To Prevent Heat For The 4-Level House During The Summer

Heat protection for the 4-level house in the summer is a matter of interest to many people in the eventual climate change variations and heat as long as today.

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It can be said in our country, a beautiful 4-level house is still the choice of many people because of the cost savings, improved design to ensure aesthetic quite high. However, in the summer, a 4-level house is usually hotter than the first floor of tall buildings. With the climate like the southern provinces of our country, the fight against heat for the beautiful 4-level house becomes more important than ever. Let’s take a look at some of the common measures that Vietnam Real Estate applied.

Heat up by installing an artificial rain spray system

The artificial rain spray system is very similar to the garden irrigation system. When the weather is hot, just turn on the switch and the sprinkler system will operate to water the entire roof, reducing the heat of the roof and lowering the interior temperature. Normally, artificial rain sprinklers are used for the 4-level house with more corrugated iron roofs because they are hotter than house roof tile, the cost of construction is only VND1 million- VND2 million / 100 sqm housing.

olutions for home heating level 4 during the summer

Artificial rain spray to cool the house in summer

Clean paint spraying

Heat-resistant paint is a special type of paint that is capable of forming a membrane that helps reduce heat absorption, thus helping to prevent hot weather, as well as to prevent roof heating. Roofing over the roof of the roof If thoroughly painted from 2 to 3 layers on the roof can reduce the temperature under the roof from 4 degrees C to 25 degrees C depending on the type of paint. In addition, hot paint is also used for wall and house walls are also very effective.

Solutions for home heating level 4 during the summer

Scouring or spray painting is also an effective solution

Solution airbag insulation

The insulated gas bundle is made from pure steel with a plastic coating and treatment technology that holds airbags to the surface. At present, airbags are considered thermal insulation solutions for new homes beautiful, environmentally friendly, help reduce heat, noise and do not adversely affect the aesthetic factor of beautiful interior.

Solutions for home heating level 4 during the summer

An airbag is often used in roofing

Build mezzanine in the beautiful 4-level house

At present, there are many 4-level houses choose to build the mezzanine to increase the area of the beautiful interior layout, increase the aesthetics of the house as well as one of the ways to prevent hot. Because when building mezzanine, the height of the house will be raised, causing the air inside the house to become cooler, cooler. However, the upper part of the mezzanine is too hot due to contact with the roof.

Solutions for home heating level 4 during the summer

Build mezzanine is the solution to ensure the aesthetics, expand the space and heat of the beautiful 4-level house

Planting green trees on the beautiful premises

You can arrange green trees around your beautiful home to create a natural air conditioning system. Trees here cannot be fruit trees, shade trees, ornamental plants or even garden vegetables also have a certain effect in the heat of the beautiful 4-level house.

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Solutions for home heating level 4 during the summer

Wall climbing helps reduce the heat significantly for your home

In the case of limited land, you can plant climbing vines for climbing around your walls and roofs, but pay attention to the quality of the works, especially the moisture-proof properties of the walls. to extend the life of the beautiful house. The planting can also be done in the beautiful interior space thanks to the ornamental plants, skylights, gardens, fish tanks.

Heat resistant to air conditioning

This is considered to be the most used solution today. Use of air conditioning is not only heat-resistant in summer but also can warm up the air in winter (for two-way air conditioning). With the advancement of science and technology, today the installation of air conditioning has become very simple. However, reconciliation consumes a lot of power and is not really good for the natural environment. However, because of hot weather conditions that use air conditioner has become indispensable equipment in the urban environment.

Solutions for home heating level 4 during the summer

Air conditioning, though not really good still widely used

There are now many beautiful models of 4 houses designed to serve the tastes of the market. Many families instead of high-rise homes choose a nice four-level home for the same reason. And if your family also owns such a home, do not forget to apply these measures to be able to weather the hot summer gently.

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