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6 Steps To Choose Cheap Apartments

In addition, it is necessary to choose apartments that are designed for wind and light by a low-light apartment that will make the space and the cramped space become narrower

In the era of economic boom, we can see that there are many types of high-end condominiums in the market.

In big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the supply of cheap apartments can be said to be extremely scarce, especially the cheap or nice apartment projects are also the owner of advertising ” too big “, causing customers to fall into the information trap, do not know where to choose. Therefore, before buying a cheap apartment, you need to thoroughly explore the 6 steps in the order below.

Identify financing sources

6 Steps to choose cheap Apartments
Before deciding to buy a cheap apartment, you need to know the financial situation of yourself and your family.

For low-cost apartments in the form of installment payments, customers first need to consider and plan their family finances, from which to choose an affordable apartment. In addition, when investing in a paid-up apartment, customers must clearly state the amount of interest and principal payable monthly after the purchase of the apartment. Some financial experts recommend that when borrowing money to buy apartments, customers should not borrow more than 50% of the value of the apartment, this way each customer can balance their own spending, avoid falling into the ” credit “. In cases where the borrower owes more than 50% of the apartment’s value, it must ensure that his / her monthly income is stable and long-term so that he/she will not be under pressure to pay interest.

Find out the project information

When customers have identified their financial resources and income, they must thoroughly investigate the information of the apartment project. More specifically, customers need to know the location, quality and design of the project. Where the location of the project is absolute information must be clear. Ask yourself these questions before deciding on the next steps: “Where is the project located near the city center?” and “how densely built there is”.

6 Steps to choose cheap Apartments
Project information is very important to those preparing to buy an apartment. Illustration

Customers do not have to be cheap to buy an apartment away from the city tens of kilometers, this can cause much more costs incurred, in addition, to affect health, time and your job later.

Understand the capacity of the owner

After the client has learned about finance and information about the project, the next step is to assess the capabilities and reputation of the investor. So how to evaluate?

To assess the capacity of the investor, you can find out information about the projects that this investor has done, which should consult with customers who have bought the apartment that previous, this investor constructed. For new investors, customers need to consider and thoroughly understand the information and legal status of the business.

Check the legality of the project

The next step in the process of buying a cheap apartment is to check the legality of the project you are interested in, including investment license, construction permit, peace of mind check the certificate of authenticity. is full of financial obligations to the state. One thing to note is that customers need to find out that the apartment has been sold to someone else, or is pledged or is in the area of compensation, clearance.

Review the design of the apartment

Most of the cheap apartments are usually small, ranging from 40 – 80m2. Therefore, customers need to pay attention to the arrangement of rooms in the apartment. In addition, it is necessary to choose apartments that are designed for wind and light by a low-light apartment that will make the space and the cramped space become narrower.

Check home purchase contract

6 Steps to choose cheap Apartments
Carefully check the home purchase contract. Illustration

This is the last but extremely important step. For some apartments have come to use, customers need to directly inquire the households living there about the quality, price and cost of living apartments. As for the projects under construction, customers need to make an appendix with the contract of the investor, which requires the owner to commit to quality, ensure completion time to hand over the apartment.

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