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7 Colors For You To Design The Beautiful Home

Interior color to design beautiful house

What colors will become the trend of home design for 2017? Try to refer to the new colors and try f5 back to your house offline.

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  1. Chinoiserie red

Scot Meacham Wood’s designers have guessed that the Chinoiserie red color may dominate the interior design scene in 2017. This color gives a warm and shimmering tone to the home. Especially if the combination of this color in the interior will create a special attraction, a bit more luxurious and flamboyant. But it is necessary to know the moderation and use just enough because red can easily become too big.

Interior color to design beautiful house
Red Chinoiserie warmth
  1. Color Turquoise

This is the opinion of the designer Francesco Bilotto. Designers have said that turquoise combined with funky designs will be popular this year. However, this color is also quite picky when it is difficult to mix with color or texture. But if used correctly, turquoise will create a very bohemian style.

Interior color to design beautiful house
Blue jade in interior design
  1. Dark purple

The colors are luxurious and light. Pat Healing designers used these colors to decorate the dining room. Create accents for elegant white backgrounds. This is also the color used in many wedding parties in European-American countries. You can use color tones like violet lavender to create a soft spotlight on the interior of your home. But do not use this color to paint the whole house for two floors. Because they will be able to counter the effect that house looks funny.

Interior color to design beautiful house
Dark purple in the bedroom

4.Heat pastel

A color is extremely cute without being “loved” or “candles.” The girls will definitely love this color. Especially with the design of the two-story house, the use of pastel colors properly will bring bright colors eye-catching to the house. Especially green pastel is said to be the most suitable to combine to create a romantic and young color love.

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Interior color to design beautiful house
Cute pink pastel
  1. Blue sky

After light pink pastel, we continue to color is also very elegant and gentle eyes are blue. In the design of two stories, three floors, this color has never been “disgrace”. Because of the light, not too eye-catching easy to coordinate with other tones. Especially the blue color always brings a sense of relaxation for housing space.

Interior color to design beautiful house
Blue always brings feelings of tenderness


White is always the favorite color of any house design. Because they are very luxurious, delicate, simply help the space as more open. Especially with the tube house, the white color will help the inner space as the nucleus grows, not to make people feel restrained or narrow.

Interior color to design beautiful house
White is suitable for all types of architecture
  1. Mint

Guess the heat of the summer to see the “cool” colors like green mint will certainly relax it? This color is very aesthetic. And if you mix it properly with colors like white, black, your house will become more attractive and beautiful. Many two-story homes also often choose these colors for the entire home.

Interior color to design beautiful house
Cool mint green

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