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7 Gold Criteria Making Palm City Become The Hottest Project

Palm City

Palm City District 2 is the latest real estate project of Keppel Land Group in Ho Chi Minh City, which promises to create a fever in the real estate market in the East with many outstanding advantages.

After a series of successful and high-end real estate projects in Ho Chi Minh City, real estate giant Keppel Land under Keppel Group Singapore officially kicked off the latest project Palm City District 2 with the Alliance Tien Phuoc and Tran Thai. This is the largest and most modern project of Keppel Land ever to mark the development of this brand real estate on the market.

The Palm City Keppel Land project is divided into two main development areas, of which the most prominent is the modern high rise Palm Heights apartment complex combined with the Palm Residence low-rise townhouse class in the heart of the East City. Below, Vietnam Real Estate is pleased to see through the golden criteria that turn Palm City into the most attractive real estate project on the market today and opens up a new development in real estate investment activities of Keppel Land and partners in Vietnam.

  1. The position of the most beautiful gold in the heart of District 2

Palm City
Palm City is a strategic project of Keppel Land and its partners in 2016 with a desire to create remarkable living values for the residents of East Saigon.

Palm City District 2 is a real estate project that is highly appreciated by professionals and investors right from the construction site when it is located in the whole South Rach Chiec urban area in the center of District 2. In addition, the project is also located along the Song Hanh highway and Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay expressway at the same time adjacent to Giongong River and Kinh Meng canal, which is very convenient for connecting traffic between districts balcony. In addition, the project is surrounded by a series of urban-class complexes and a variety of out-of-area facilities.

Palm City
Singapore’s state-of-the-art facilities system contributes to a life of convenience that fully meets the needs of residents of Palm City Keppel Land.
  1. The owner and partners have real capacity

The main investor of the Palm City project in district 2 is Keppel Land with a reputation and ability to be verified through a series of successful projects in the real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City such as The Estella, Villa Riviera, Riviera Point or Estella Heights. These projects are considered to bring new standards of creativity and quality to the project. Along with that is the cooperation with the Alliance Tien Phuoc – Tran Thai, two investors and developers of real estate veteran and deep understanding of Vietnam market. In addition, there are a number of other prestigious partners deploying Palm City Keppel Land in District 2 such as MIA (Vietnam) design consulting unit, architectural consultancy unit A61 (Singapore) or unit Landscape consultant Landsculptor (Thailand).

  1. Plan and design of the project

With long experience in real estate investment activities of investors and consultancy of quality partners, projects in Palm City project district 2 are designed in the same way with detailed planning and creative vision. Particular emphasis is placed on giving residents positive living values, perfect living space with harmony with the natural landscape. Coming to Palm City, Keppel Land is a modern, classy and peaceful haven in the largest scale project that ever undertaken by Keppel Land.

  1. System of utilities uniform and class

The Palm City project not only has outstanding architecture combined with harmony natural space, but also creates a system of utilities with a full range of service life style from lion Singapore. . The most striking feature of the hotel is the remarkable combination of 29 local amenities, including the international standard swimming pool, commercial center, entertainment area, school and hospital system, sports area or children’s play area. This contributes to the creation of a life of utility with a range of services that meet the essential needs right at the door of families.

  1. Living space filled with natural green

Palm City
The combination of Keppel Land and Tien Phuoc – Tran Thai Alliance promises to boost prestige and success for the Palm City project.

Palm City District 2 also provides families with a perfect living environment to enjoy life and improve health with low building density. The project area is largely focused on green space and natural landscape with the desire to turn this place into a green city in the heart of East City. At the same time, the Palm Heights apartments and Palm Residence villas all have balconies for sunshine and natural winds that provide ventilation from all directions. Along with that is the beautiful view of the Giong Ong To River and other exciting areas in the city.

  1. The humanist advanced and prosperous community

Investor of Keppel Land always wants to turn Palm City District 2 into the most worth living project today, which is highlighted in a variety of utility systems and  living space in harmony with natural green with the resident community, civilization, humanity and prosperity. In addition, the 24-hour security system ensures a safe and secure life for you and your family.

  1. Best price in segment

Palm City’s Keppel Land Project 2 is a high-end project in the East real estate market. However, the low price with good payment method can make many customers have different look. With just 1,276 USD / sqm for rough delivery and 1,452 USD /sqm for basic interior finishes. Families can get a Palm Heights apartment with many golden criteria in the Palm City metropolitan area of Rach Chiec. This is a selling price that makes both the apartment market in the East and the center has to wave because no previous project of Keppel Land is sold at such competitive price.

It can be said with the golden criteria highlights, Palm City District 2 is becoming a project to attract the attention of many customers in the real estate market in the East of Ho Chi Minh City today. This is not only an ideal residence for families but also opens up great investment opportunities for real estate businessmen. With Palm City, Keppel Land wants to send the message that everything is possible and it is rooted in the desire for the great living value that the owner brings to the family.

For more information, please contact the Palm City Sales Department at Hotline: 0909 890 897 for the best support.

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7 Gold Criteria Making Palm City Become The Hottest Project

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