7 interior layout errors can be dangerous to your family

Arranging, arranging the interior of your home at your own risk without regard to safety can cause accidents for your family members. See if you are making a mistake in the layout of the room.

Mistake 1: Design space for super-speed kettle, cutlery does not match

Household items such as: electric kettle, rice cooker, microwave oven or oven if placed in the wrong place, too low or too high, will accidentally become “the deadly traps “in families with young children. In addition, some kitchen cabinets have cutlery, sharp objects in the reach of children can also cause pain.

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Mistake 2: Painting layout, hanging lights in the bed head is not sure

Decorating paintings, indoor lights is a must to help make the house look more beautiful and artistic. However, if you do not hang sure, technically, it is possible that the painting or decorative light will fall, unfortunately hit your head or family members, especially when you arrange the painting, Suspension lights in the head of the bed.

Painting layout, hanging lights in the bed head

Painting arrangements, hanging lights at the bedside uncertain can cause you injury

Mistake  3: Use too smooth floor tiles

With the floor in the home, if you choose inappropriate materials, it will also cause accidents for homeowners, especially when you use overly-smooth flooring. If you have young children, in the living room and restroom area, you should not make slabs of smooth materials but instead have high luminescent materials. In addition, if the outdoor stairs that you choose materials that do not fit, fast closed moss will also cause you to fall.

Mistake  4: The night light, the design fan is straight at the head of the bed

Some items in the bedroom such as: bedside lamp, fan .. if you put in the spot directly on the person in bed will be very dangerous. First, they can fall down at any time and cause accidents. Second, if the lights and fans point to your head frequently, it can cause headaches, dizziness or other medical conditions.

Mistake  5: Low-level socket without safety cap

The socket location can be 150cm or 30cm tall. Sockets are low in aesthetics and more convenient in some operations. But if the socket is in a low position without a safety cap, it can cause an accident to your baby at any time.

Low-level socket without safety cap

A low-level socket without a safety lock will be dangerous for young children

Mistake  6: Do not design the grounding wire

Most households now do not use secure grounding lines to prevent electrical leaks from electrical appliances. The system as well as the lightning protection system in the home is very necessary investment because the cost is not large but safe for the family.

Mistake  7: No air convection at minimum

Some homeowners want to make maximum use of the area in the house that choose interior design is not airy, lack of light. Many rooms have only one way out is the door to the room, the air is not convection so people in the house or sick because of gas.

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