7 Notes You Should Know When Buying A Secondary Housing

Buying a secondary housing is pretty much the same, but like other deals, secondary buys are still risky, so buyers need to be aware of the following seven issues in order to successfully trade in the future.

Note first when buying a secondary home: Location of the house

The location of the house greatly affects the traffic, surrounding amenities, residential communities and the usability of the apartment. Living in a residential area with integrated and complete transportation system will make it easier for residents to move.

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buying a secondary housing

Location factors are important when buying a secondary housing

Take care of the surrounding facilities such as schools, hospitals, shopping centers … if you want your family life more comfortable and full. Note that you should not choose to buy a house far from the center and located in the area of slow urbanization because in the future apartment’s value will not be high anymore.

Second note when buying a second housing: Feng Shui home

Apart from location factors, homeowners should also pay attention to feng shui and home direction. A long-term shelter should be built on “good” land. This will help the host receive more airflow, good for health and fortune. Avoid buying a house in the apartment that has been counterattacked by the overpass, highway. Crossings from these roads are several times more dangerous than from a conventional road. Absolutely avoid the settlement at the intersection of overpasses, highways, because of their large damage range. In this area the gas or noise, bad influence on the health and spirit of home.

Third note when buying a secondary housing: Origin, background of the house

Buying a second home is simple, but it will be a big risk if you do not understand the reason the owner wants to sell the apartment. Buying a home with bad backgrounds such as a funeral home, bankruptcy, family dispersion, etc. will not be good for the homeowner’s finances by being affected by bad energy. Conversely, if the old owner changed the house for other positive reasons such as foreign residence, winning lottery tickets, changing the house to buy a more spacious, … can be considered a good luck.

buying a secondary housing

Make sure you know the true origin of the house before you buy

Fourth note when buying a secondary housing: House’s prices

Compare the price of your home with nearby projects, and do not forget to ask your neighbors about the price of the surrounding property. Understand the price difference between the time of primary and secondary purchase, giving a statement about the liquidity of the property and the value of the home in the future. There are no exceptions where the owner has not paid the owner.

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Fifth note when buying a secondary housing: Infrastructure around

You need to pay attention to the infrastructure issues around the house such as tidal water level, inundation, tide … Many families moved home for a while, faced with waterlogging, or The road is raised, leading to the house collapsed, … Find out immediately choose to buy houses not flooded from Vietnam real estate.

Sixth note when buying a secondary housing: Liquidity in the future

Many people think that liquidity is not necessary for buying an apartment to settle because they think that they buy to settle permanently, not to invest. However, think about the situation if something happens to the family forced you to resell it is not it? Let’s answer the question, Will the seller of the house buy anyone? Sell a little cheap to buy it? And buy it for how much?

Seventh note when buying a secondary housing: Legal home

buying a secondary housing

Be cautious about the legality of buying a secondary housing

Be sure to check the legal documentation of the project or property that you intend to purchase to ensure that it is not tampered with (small details such as seals, signatures, etc.). Buyers can check with the real estate professional before a transaction. Verify that the actual property and property on the certificate match. Make sure your home is not in dispute or is being pledged, mortgaged, or potentially disposed of in the near future.

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