7 Reasons Make You Hard To Sell Your House

The house looks old, there are many details to fix … are the reasons why you can not sell your house.Waiting for a home sale is probably one of the most stressful moments in our lives. Because it is not natural that you want to sell your home.

It is usually because you need a lot of money to do something, or because of a problem that you do not want to stay there.

Here are some reasons why your home is difficult to sell, as listed by WiseBread:

  1. The price is too high

Just like any item that can be bought, the price of a home is important when you decide to sell. You may think the buyer will bargain so you increase the price of your house. Buyers tend to choose a home that is competitive, if the price is too high, you will limit your buyers.

Therefore, you should check the price of houses similar to your house (same time, same area, same area …) to create competition for your house. If your house price is too high for you, you need to lower it.

  1. Your home has many details to fix

You may think that homebuyers will pay attention to the texture of the home as well as the potential of the property with little regard for detail. Actually, unless the home buyer is intent on smashing from the beginning, they always want to buy the house can be right away. Only a blown window also reduces the value of the house.

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Therefore, you should consider repairing damaged details: leaky roof, wall soaked or cracked, the door is not peeling, tap water leak … If not correct, you must reduce the price or even Will not receive any offers.

  1. sell house

    Outdated appearance is one of the reasons why it is difficult to sell your home

    The smell of pets in the house

Many people are sensitive to the smell of pets in the home. You may already be familiar with the smell so do not recognize it very uncomfortable … Also, if you are watching your home that dog barking, visitors will be distracted. Potential customers can leave before they appreciate your home.

Therefore, wash the carpet, clean the objects, the area can smell. Ask a neighbor or friend to smell the smell. It is possible for cats and dogs to go somewhere when they come to see the house.

  1. You sell your own home

If you find yourself buying a home, without intermediaries, you will not lose the commission (about 5% of the value of the home). However, finding oneself is often difficult.

Therefore, if you still can not sell your own home, you should look for brokers or agents of real estate brokerage.

  1. Furnishings in the home

You love the items you have chosen to buy and keep them for years. However, others may not necessarily appreciate those items. Even putting too many things makes the house cramped and makes it difficult for prospective customers to figure out how they will arrange their stuff.

Therefore, you should consider packing some furniture when you intend to sell your home.

sell house

Selling your home instead of brokers makes it harder for you to sell your home

  1. The real estate market freezes

Sometimes the reason for not selling your home is not in the home but in relation to the housing market in your area, with more sellers than buyers.

So, ask a real estate agent to check out similar homes you have recently sold. If the real estate market is really freezing, you have to accept the low price sale.

  1. Your home is outdated or old

The house is also difficult to sell if the kitchen or bathroom is not upgraded for many years, or the carpet is worn out. Buyers will worry about the cost they have to spend to refresh and replace the equipment.

Therefore, replace some of the equipment with a low price to make the house look more modern. Simple changes, such as new paint or a new list, also add value.

If you can not upgrade your home for sale, you can give the buyer some money to fix it yourself. This reduces the amount you receive so that you can sell the house.

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