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7 Reasons To Buy A House In Saigon Flood Season

Reason to buy Sai Gon house in rainy season

Customers can easily convince sellers to reduce prices by pointing out a series of weaknesses of the house was exposed when being heavy rain, high tide.

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Many years of operation in the real estate industry and more than 5 years as a private brokerage in Ho Chi Minh City, Doan Quoc Duyet said heavy rains cause flooding and damage throughout Saigon is thickening worries, an anxiety of home buyers.

However, looking at the positive, the rainy season is a good time for the Saigon people to conduct real estate transactions. He said that there are at least seven reasons to hunt for a townhouse at this time because of the floods, helping to avoid further losses.

First: In the rainy season and high tide peak, going to buy a home is a good opportunity to explore the real estate around the house is located in the type of eyes see headphones. Selecting this time to survey your home can avoid the “denying” advertising that the area is not flooded or flooded with little, no worry. Buyers also have the opportunity to verify the level of flooding in the area they want to move to live. Specifically, set limits for flood levels: “temporary”, “can tolerate” or “absolutely do not buy”.

Second: After determining that the area of the house is not flooded because heavy rain is not completely safe, home buyers need to find out whether the drainage system inside the house is affected by tides. If the drainage system of the house is weak, the tide will rise immediately. The house will be inundated due to unsuitable drainage.

Reason to buy Sai Gon house in rainy season
Flooding is affecting the psychology of Saigon home buyers

Third: In Ho Chi Minh City, the leveling in many places is not uniform. Some long routes have high – low interlacing alternatives. The house was surveyed not flooded but 200-300m away again flooded the wheel is normal. Like some houses, heavy rain and high tides are not affected, but before going to the door must pass a depression, a deep flood. If you look good and avoid this, the value of the house will easily increase over time.

Fourth: The rainy season, with the peak periods of heavy rainfall, can become a great aid to homebuyers as this helps them see errors in the home such as leaks, soaks, damp…

Fifth: Some places in the dry season are in a normal state, even making the visitors see the high satisfaction index. However, the rainy season or tide emerged problematic is the appearance of foul odors from the sewer to rise up. This is a very big minus, especially noticeable for the townhouses with large mouths located just in front of the entrance.

Sixth: Rainy season surveys can help homebuyers, investors easily map flooding, comparing potential areas together, from which screening is the most suitable home.

Seventh: Due to the awareness of some of the disadvantages of the house during the rainy season, many homeowners will bid “soft” rather than shout the price in the sky. At the same time, the buyer by understanding the weakness of the house can easily negotiate the price desired and fast transaction.

Also interested in the concern of the Saigon people in the purchase of the rainy season, general director of Viet An Hoa Company, Tran Khanh Quang shared more gold rules to avoid flooding when investing in real estate.

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The lowland is high: the elevation of the city towards the north flows to the south. District 9, Go Vap District, District 12 are less flooded than other districts.

Reason to buy Sai Gon house in rainy season

Avoid foundation too high: around where the base is high will be lower, often flooded. If the property is on the top of a high floor area, the house will not flood, but the road will be flooded. Observe with the naked eye, look closely at the ground floor of the area near the stand, if most of the surrounding with the high ground is the front line easily flooded. If it is dry, look underneath the foot of the wall and see moss clinging to the wall, the water will rise there when flooded.

Skip the road higher than the floor: the road is not flooded but the lower floor, water to the sunken place will make the house submerged.

Note the canal side houses: if the canal houses, canals, rivers, it is important to pay attention to the tides, because the effects of tides are far greater than heavy rainfall.

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