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70% Of Jamona olden Silk Villas Are Owned

Jamona Golden Silk project

On the Golden Silk opening day, 70% of the Jamona Golden Silk villas are owned. On this occasion, Sacomreal – the owner of the project – also officially launched the promotion program for customers who ordering villas will be given 17 SJC gold bars (valued at 63 million) as prizes.

In addition, customers have the opportunity to become shareholders of Sacomreal with the gift of 40,000 SCR shares (equivalent to over 400 million). A series of attractive incentive programs, with great prizes also contribute to attracting customers to empty their pockets to create the real fever for the project. This is also easy to explain when 70% of products in the first sale phase were quickly found the owner.

It is one of the first high-class residential areas in Ho Chi Minh City that has a standard internal wastewater treatment system for reuse for irrigation and street cleaning. All roadside areas are also constructed with reasonable slopes to utilize rainwater for irrigation of lawns and trees while reducing the load on the drainage system.

Jamona Golden Silk project
Jamona Golden Silk is a place of natural harmony, superior utility and top class

In addition, customers can completely peace of mind when owning a villa here because of its strong legal investment when Jamona Golden Silk has completed the progress of land use fees and is implementing for granting sovereignty to each land lot. The project has a construction permit and a decision approving the 1/500 detailed plan.

Not only that, more than 90% of the infrastructure and utilities in the area was completed in the open period and is expected to complete fully by the end of October 2016. With the construction, progress is expected, in December 2016, more than 50% of villas and commercial townhouses (equivalent to 125 units) will be completed its foundation. At the same time, 75 completed units are expected to be handed over to Phase 1 buyers.

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