8 notes parents should know when arranging bedroom furniture for your childrens

In addition to aesthetic factors, children’s bedrooms also need to ensure the safety, feng shui and thought development for the baby.

Children’s bedroom should ensure enough natural light

When your child starts learning the alphabet, or prepares to go to school, it’s a time when he or she will be exposed to numbers, letters, and small homework. Therefore, the time spent learning and doing the work in the room of the baby always need natural daylight or electric lights at night.

The eyesight of children is very sensitive so parents should ensure adequate light capacity and appropriate light color (white, yellow …) for children. Flickering flashlights are really eye-catching but not safe for children, which can adversely affect the child’s eyes.

Daylight should be maximized by enlarging the size of the window frames at the appropriate height. This feature not only helps the sun, natural air but also keep the spirit and health of children.

Choose a suitable cot / crib

Some of the bed designs nowadays have a colorful, flashy or animal-like design that is not the kind of furniture the experts recommend for the bedroom. According to scientific studies, paints used in interior decoration such as bed or wardrobe, can cause allergies on the sensitive skin of the child.

A comfortable bed is placed in the baby’s bedroom only with soft colors and soft cushions, ensuring a good night’s sleep. In addition, the height of the bed should be at 40 – 50cm and should not be low roar because this is difficult to clean, easy to dust accumulate and spread in the air.

Children's bedroom should use lightweight materials, safe

Children’s bedroom should use lightweight materials, safe

Choose light, safe materials

This is definitely a factor that should be top notch parents. Heavy-weight materials such as metals or uncertainties can easily cause accidents. If possible, parents should choose materials made from wood or cotton, instead of heavy materials, which are not safe.

Furniture designs also require sharp angles or inadequate height. Children should have their own set of tables or chairs to be more aware of the protection and care of private bedrooms.

Design window placement in the child’s bedroom

An ideal window for children’s bedroom should be located at a distance of 1m – 1m2 from the floor. This is the height appropriate for both bedrooms for adults to both ensure privacy and avoid accidents. If your family lives in a condominium, equip them with protective irons.

In addition to the appropriate location, the window size should be large enough for children to feel the natural sunlight, breathe fresh air every morning. On sunny days, curtains are a good choice for both bedrooms and bedrooms.

Choose colors and decorative pictures that your child loves

When it comes to designing baby bedroom furniture, do not forget to spend time talking with your baby to find out about your hobbies and let him or her choose the pictures or toys displayed in the room. If the requirements are too difficult, be patient and explain your child’s condition. They will be happy and feel confident.

Distinctive colors such as dark pink or blue are characteristic for children but they should be limited to decorative details. Large areas of color such as walls or floors should be pastel or natural wood.

 Note the location of the power outlet and other furniture

Pay close attention to the electrical outlet in the child's room

 Pay close attention to the electrical outlet in the child’s room

The plugs in the nursery need absolutely be placed in places out of reach or hidden behind furniture because of curious or curious children, it is easy to find ways to counter the wire or reach into the socket.

Furniture such as bookcases should also be placed at the appropriate angle, away from the bed because of unexpected physical effects that may cause the book or other objects to fall into the young person’s condition. protect.

Storage area

Parents should teach their children neat and tidy arrangement of personal belongings when young. This is a good habit that can be helpful even when your child is older. Include a play area, a storage area for books and study supplies, or a wardrobe.

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Storage areas should also be streamlined such as a bookcase close to the desk, the storage area should be far from the bed so that the baby can concentrate before going to bed.

Do not forget the wall clock

Develop a sense of well-being at an early age. They also need to be aware of the time they spend arranging and adhering to the science timetable. The best way to remind your child when he or she already has his or her room is to use a large wall clock, clear numbers, and striking colors.

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