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8 Notes When Dogs Are In The House

In addition to keeping the house, puppies are often chosen by many families in the house by their friendly and cute. However, before deciding to breed dogs in the home, you should note the 8 things that Vietnam real estate listed below.

The first thing to keep in your home: Choose a dog that fits your lifestyle

Depending on your family’s lifestyle, you should choose a dog that fits the needs of everyone in the house. For example, if you do not have time, do not choose breeds that need careful care, or if you prefer to live in peace, less moving, you should choose the breed of dogs to stay instead of the breed. Dogs run wild, like the Labrador or Retriever.

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Note 2: when keeping your dog in the house: See if your time is right for your dog

Whether you choose to raise a dog from a rescue camp or buy one from another, you should also spend time exploring your character, favorite food and dog health. Raising a dog requires a lot of care and attention. You should consider your time budget before making a decision, especially if you are in the early stages of pregnancy or when your new baby is born because you are quite busy.

8 notes when dogs are in the house
If you have young children, choose a cute puppy to avoid harming your baby

Note 3: dog in the house: Should choose the dog was born instead of the dog was born

Choosing a big dog is not a bad idea. As such, you will not need to teach a lot of basic skills like going to the toilet in the right place. Adult dogs do not need to care too much for the other little dogs. If you do not have a lot of experience with dogs, you should be careful about dogs that have been abused because of their instability and can be dangerous to their children.

Note 4: when keeping dogs in the house: Patience when caring and nurturing dogs

For those who have never had a pet, keeping a dog can be a big challenge for you. They can damage your belongings, go to the toilet, jump in or bite you and baby. This friend is like a child, always needing affection and understanding. So do not give up your dog too fast, you can take them to the training center or ask a veterinarian for advice.

Note 5: on Indoor Dogs: Learn more about dog training

This is an investment that you never regret later. Buying a dog book, or attending a training program, will more often engage you and your dog, no matter how compliant the rules are or how aggressive you are. If possible, members of the household should take part in the training to learn how to care for and play with the dog.

Note 6:  when keeping dogs in the home: Consider whether the dog is home

If you are living in an apartment where the community is very high, you should check and consult with the management of the apartment to make sure that you are allowed to keep the dog. Also, when breeding dogs in the apartment, you absolutely do not let your dog run around to the next apartment, it will be very annoying. If you are a bad dog, you need to wear a dog muzzle to prevent dogs from attacking others. At the same time, you should also take your dog to the veterinary clinic for regular visits.

8 notes when dogs are in the house
If you have dogs in the apartment, make sure your dog does not harm other people

Note 7: when keeping dogs in the home: Attention in anyone allergic to dog hair or not

If your dog is allergic to dog hair, choose a shorter or less shaggy dog like Poodles or Schnauzers. In addition, you should “pre-load” the vacuum cleaner or clean the air to clean the dog’s hair in the house.

Note 8: place when keeping dogs in the house: Do not listen to the people around the dog

When deciding to breed dogs, there are plenty of people around you who offer advice on whether to choose one or the other. If you ignore your feelings, it is likely that the whole dog will have a completely unsuitable dog. Petting is not a sensible purchase. You should be calm and consider whether the dog you choose initially is appropriate or not.

If the home has small children, parents should note:

  • Encourage positive interactions and prevent conflicts between children and pets. Parents can take both of them to walk together or let the dog sit next to you when you change diapers or breastfeeding.
  • Do not allow the dog to come near while he is playing, to sleep. Should close or use a fence at the door to stop.
  • Never let your dog and baby be together without adult supervision.
  • Prevent your children from being exposed to dogs when you can not supervise them nearby or when they are eating, playing, sleeping.
  • Reward your children and their dogs when they behave properly.
  • Talk to your neighbors to tell them to look and lock the dog carefully.

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