8 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Vinpearl Paradise Villas

Vinpearl Paradise Villas 4 is the last project in the chain of Vinpearl Resort & Villas Phu Quoc projects, followed the success of the project Vinpearl Villas 1,2,3 before. What creates the success of Real estate villa resort? Let’s review 8 reasons why sea villas have been an indispensable investment trend for the real estate market in Vietnam in late 2016, early 2017.

  1. Leading investment trends:

Vinpearl Paradise Villas is considered as a second home because it is not only a resort paradise but also a profitable place where the stature of the upper class is affirmed.

  1. The high quality basic of the product:

Vinpearl Paradise Villas 4 is located in Phu Quoc Island where the beach is at the top of the most beautiful beaches on the planet, giving it a great advantage, ideal for those who want to own the sea villas in Phu Quoc.

In order to create the 5-star resorts, all the project implementation process is consulted, designed by the world’s leading design units. Vinpearl beach villa has really created an absolute standard of aesthetics which is a trend of luxury investment in Vietnam. This will be the favorite destination of citizens in the region and the world.

Vinpearl Paradise Villas

Commencement ceremony of Vinpearl Paradise project

  1. Optimal Policy:

Due to a variety of products including full types of standard villas from 2 to 4 bedrooms, Vinpearl villas will be worthy of the flexible needs of investors. Moreover, the loan support policy is up to 65% of the villa value, or co-ownership policy makes the ownership of Vinpearl resort villas is no longer the playground of the giants.

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  1. A strong developmental basis:

It is invested and developed by a leading investment group in Vietnam – Vingroup Group whose operations in key industries such as real estate, retail, hotel, tourism, health, and education. By 2015, total asset of Vingroup is USD 6,444 million. As the result, Vingroup has been voted as one of the three most dynamic companies in Asia.

The Vinpearl Paradise villa chain is managed by Vinpearl – the brand that owns the most popular 5, 6-star hotels in Vietnam, collaborated by Vinhomes – the most expensive real estate brand in Vietnam (Brand Finance announced) with a series of projects, high-class urban areas have been deployed throughout the country.

  1. Comprehensive investment benefits
Vinpearl Paradise Villas

Vinpearl Paradise Villas or Vinpearl Phu Quoc 4

Vingroup’s credibility, capacity, and stature are the key to ensuring the success and development of the project as well as the certainty of commitment to progress, sharing profits and profitability with customers.

Investing in Vinpearl paradise 4, customers will not have to worry about fluctuating prices such as gold or foreign currency. Customers can completely remove the worry of slipping money each day such as bank interest rates from 5 to 7%. Customers also do not have to spend too much time managing a rental apartment. In particular, investment in vinpearl sea villas is a value investment guaranteed not only for us but also for children later.

A minimum profit commits the rental profit is not less than 10% value of villa per year within 10 years and is committed to a share of 85% of the lifetime rental profit.

  1. The value of resonance is non-stop
Vinpearl Paradise Villas

Investors who have 2 to 7 billion VND can own a villa in the dream. Investment opportunities open to pioneering investors and anticipate new market trends.

Owning the absolute advantages for a series of projects stretching from north to south, customers who own Vinpearl Beach Villas will be offered 750 free nights in 50 years at any Vinpearl tourist resort.

 Special: Free 2 nights at Vinpearl Hotel; In addition, 7 vouchers for the rest of the night in July, the total number of nights 22 nights a year; 15 nights free (Villa nights / year) from the date of payment of 100% of the Pre-VAT value and VAT of all payment periods up to the point of payment. (Total value up to $17,391)

  1. Safe and sustainable investment:

One of the most prominent features of Vinpearl Paradise Villas 4 is lifetime ownership which is a very different privilege compared to other projects in the region and in the world.

Owning Vinpearl Beach Villas, the owner will be happy to enjoy the full benefits and have not to worry about care, upgrade or repair. The villas are committed to maintenance by the owner to ensure quality and 5-star standards for long-life safe investment products.

  1. Potential growth:

Vietnam is famous for beautiful natural landscapes and wonderful beaches that have become an attractive destination for domestic and international visitors. It is a strong growth potential, so the demand of the tourism industry in general and resort villas in particular is increasing.

These outstanding features will certainly make the Vinpearl Paradise Villas 4 become one of the investment hot spots leading the current trend, booming real estate market,  being worthy of the safest, most profitable investment option today.

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