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8 Things The Homeowner Must Grasp When Decorating The Bathroom

8 things when decorating the bathroom

The bathroom is considered an auxiliary of the house when the decoration should pay attention to the feng shui element of the house so as not to affect health and financial.

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When buying a nice house or building a new house, feng shui is very interested because it directly affects the lives of family members. Especially, although the bathroom is a small area, there is much gas, the layout should be very careful.

And if the owner does not know how to decorate the bathroom according to Feng Shui can refer to the article below.

Some note on bathroom layout

– Do not place the bathroom opposite the main door or door: Because the bathroom has many personal items, when facing the door, the privacy of the person will be affected. Not only that, the door is a place to enter many good opportunities, if facing the bathroom, all fame and money will be swept away.

In the case of a home where the bathroom is located opposite the door, it can limit bad effects by closing the bathroom door once used.

8 things when decorating the bathroom
Do not decorate the bathroom opposite the door

– Do not place a bathroom in the middle of the house because this is the heart of the whole house, contains a lot of good gas. However, if you have to build a bath here should be painted red.

– Do not place a bathroom in the living room or bedroom because the bathroom is a wet place, the water from the bathroom will quickly seep down to damage the structure of the house.

According to feng shui house, bathroom in Thuy, if using Turkey to supplement will control the sea. Therefore, in the bathroom area can be decorated with small rocks, plants. Suitable plants in the bathroom are bamboo, orchid, aloe, spider or tiger.

8 things when decorating the bathroom
Grow plants in the bathroom to retrieve the turkey control of the aquarium

– The bathroom must have a ventilated door to allow bad air in the bathroom to escape. The bathroom can be placed in the corner but still full of light.

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– Choosing bathroom tiles is very important because if you are not careful, the house is prone to slipping, the accident leads to loss of life in the bathroom of his family. To overcome this problem, the bathroom should choose the type of brick with high friction. It is possible to use a non-skid mat that both limits the accident, while also significantly reducing the cost of money.

8 things when decorating the bathroom
Non-slip mats help reduce money consumption

– Many families combine bathrooms and toilets as one to save space when homeowners need to refer more about feng shui when decorating the toilet.

– If interested in feng shui bathroom, after use must remember to lock the cock. A leaking faucet is a sign of future money loss, fame. In addition, this also wastes water, affecting the common interests of the community.

Before buying a nice house or building a house, just note some principles of bathroom decoration according to Feng Shui, the family will have a healthy life, wealth.

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