8 Types Townhouses You Should Consider Carefully Before Buying

With advantages such as convenient, convenient business and easy to buy and resell, townhouses are the first choice of many people. However, there are some types of townhouses that you need to consider carefully before signing.

The townhouse is in the dead end

Townhouses in the alley outside the quiet advantage out there are many other inconveniences you should know, such as architectural constraints because these houses are often difficult to construct as the houses in taste Other. Also, when the lane encounters unexpected incidents such as fire, accidents … the people inside the dead end house will move very difficultly.

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carefully before buying

Street houses in the alley are quite inconvenient in the construction

The house is oddly shaped

The psychology of many home buyers is that they prefer a separate place and show their own personality. As a result, they often hire architects to research and design the types of townhouses that are specially shaped to their liking. There are beautiful houses, unique, but besides there are many houses with strange shapes, strange. In feng shui, the houses are unusual shape, it does not bring luck and fortune to the owner. The house price will not be high, it is even difficult to sell.

The townhouse is located near the markets

According to the current trend, many people prefer to choose a townhouse near the market for business, trade. However, besides the business benefits, townhouses near the market are not good for the health and safety of your family. The reason is that markets are often noisy and complex with many types of people in society, and it is also the place where the odors from the trash are left.

carefully before buying

Townhouses near the market often have a lot of bad odors

Townhouses are located near highways or high voltage towers

When buying a townhouse, you should restrict the purchase of units located near highways or high voltage towers. The reason is that the houses in this location will have potential risks and harm to your health. If the front door of the house faces the highway, it can block sunlight, which in the long run will make you feel unsettled. If the house is surrounded by high voltage towers, the homeowner may experience a number of health problems due to the adverse effects of large radiation.

The townhouse is located near public areas, cemeteries

If you choose to buy a townhouse near places like public areas, cemeteries, they can cause many disadvantages and risks in your life. In addition, your family suffers from serious health problems due to water pollution or noise.

The townhouse hit the main road directly

When buying a townhouse, do not choose the main road directly into the house. This will create a direct pulse directly into the home (feng shui called pulse track), not healthy. When the house gate is hit by a straight road, the longer the road is, the more crowded the car, the higher the danger, the landlord will hardly stay in that house.

carefully before buying

Townhouses on highways are often quite dangerous because of the overcrowded traffic

Townhouses are “clamped” by high-rise buildings

For townhouses around high rise buildings will cause the feeling of being suppressed, squeezing very uncomfortable. In addition, the house is “clamped” by the high buildings, they will cause wind and natural light. The place becomes dark, damp, attracting more negative energy.

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