9 Questions To Avoid Being Overtaken By The Broker

Working with brokers in Vietnam, most of you will lose a certain fee to handle your land transactions. Make sure you work with someone who can protect your interests, be honest and help you minimize the risks to the lowest possible level.

When you meet the broker, ask them the following questions to make sure you meet the right people, avoid “lost money”. A good broker will help you to buy a good home for a good price. At the same time, support you throughout the transaction process, protect your interests.

  1. How long have you been doing this job? How many houses/apartments have you sold in the last year?

A broker with long experience will know the market information and legal regulations, administrative procedures to assist you. Keep in mind the number of their transactions are townhouses, land plots or apartments. Each type of property has its own characteristics, if they do not specialize in dealing with them, they may not know the procedures to know, leaving you with potential risks in terms of preparation.

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Find out about that brokerage to make sure they can help you find your home

  1. Before you do any company, how many years?

Brokers who work in large companies, or who work there will be more professional and trained. They will also have good relationships at a high level to help you handle the transaction smoothly.

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  1. Where is your area of operation, how many houses do you sell in the area?

It would be better if brokers understood the local market and the administrative clues through the old deals here.

  1. What can I get from working with you?

If even the broker himself does not understand your strengths and weaknesses, the benefits they will bring to you unless they own exclusive lands and you have extensive experience in real estate transactions, Please consider again.

  1. What is your fee when the transaction is successful?

Make sure you are not being pressured or being advised on the direction of buying this home by high discount brokers can get.

  1. How much support do you support me in negotiating, trading and post-trading?

real estate broker

Harnessing the necessary information from the broker helps the buyer avoid the unfortunate risks that may occur

Do not forget to take notes and ask for fees if you use their services. At the same time, the fact that they are sure about post-transaction will partly reflect the trust of this transaction.

  1. What is the most complicated transaction you have ever made?

The degree and difficulty of solving the brokerage will reflect their real experience and the positive in solving your problem.

  1. With the condition of this house, when can I complete the transaction and get home?

Good land prices will often be quite competitive, ask if your broker has enough experience handling it, they have properly assessed the current state of the transaction and their ability to process their transactions well or not. You should also self-verify some progress to make sure the broker just don not say execute.

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  1. Do you often meet with old customers, exchange information with them?

You need to know the attitude of the old customer to the broker and also the attitude of the broker with the old client to know the quality of their work. Do not accept general answers, please deftly ask for more details to know you are getting the right information.

real estate broker

Care star to be always in one for your work to be necessary as a environment


While working with realtors does not always provide a good experience for home buyers. But you can not deny their expert role and ability to support, guide you to handle difficult trading situations. Knowing that you are working with the right broker will ensure that your purchase is convenient and less risky.

In case you are unfamiliar with working with an outside broker, refer to the Reverting House Handbook for a better understanding of home purchase procedures, risk taking steps and reverts. How can you differentiate yourself from outside brokers?

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