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A Large Number Of Apartments Have Been Built In Real Estate Project In District 7

real estate District 7

The real estate market in District 7 has been developing rapidly with a lot of real estate projects in many fields to meet the needs of modern life.

One of the most prominent projects is the series of the high-end apartment projects, which makes the real estate market create a great shock as well as many changes, attracting a lot of attention from investors and customers.

The real estate projects in District 7

District 7 and Nha Be District are two well-known names in Ho Chi Minh City. Because they are all located in center of the city, they attract many investors and resident around this area. Anyone would like to own a suitable place to live and work. Therefore, many projects of apartments and high-end building have been built recently.

real estate District 7
River City project in District 7, HCMC

Many people are interested in these projects very much. The most prominent project of the real estate market in District 7 is Kenton project. Kenton project includes 9 buildings for apartments and offices… with the 3.000 apartments and the airy spacious space. All the building projects have been designed meticulously and modernly.

Area of each apartment is from 61sqm to 145sqm, so customers do not worry about it. In addition, there is the combination of the convenient traffic system and service buildings around. Picking up the children into school is no longer the problem because there are school system, business center, general hospital… near Kenton project.

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Utility service of Kenton project

The apartments are now growing up, so buying one is not difficult. However, it is not easy to live in the best convenient place. When coming to Kenton project in District 7, there are a lot of utility services below.

Kenton Node International School System

Kenton school system with the international standards creates belief for customers when taking their children to school. It is sure of saving time and quality for their family when living in Kenton.

Kenton Node International Polyclinic

real estate District 7
Vincity project in District 7, HCMC

It is not better that there is a hospital near your home. It takes a short time to travel if your grandparents or children are sick at home. Is it safer and easier to solve the problems, right?

Riverside Theme Park

The lives, works, studying and playground of children are solved when coming to Kenton project in District 7. There is no more attractive matter than that a family goes out together to enjoy life at the weekend.

In addition, there are many other services such as 5-star standard hotel, outdoor hanging stage, high-end offices for rent, business center, the largest aerial theater,… When coming to the Kenton project, customers will be more surprised about the attractive services here.

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A Large Number Of Apartments Have Been Built In Real Estate Project In District 7

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