A list of low interest mortgage banks you need to know

The need for low interest loans is a matter that many people are interested in when they need to find real estate. Interest rates are very important in trading, which should be carefully calculated to avoid unpredictable risks.

Desiring to bring the latest information on housing, Realestatevietnam today continues to share with readers the loan experience as well as choose the bank that best suits the loan.

Low interest loans – needs of residents

Demand for low-interest housing loans is increasing

Demand for low-interest housing loans is increasing

The place to live, where to find, to have an ideal living space is not easy at all when the real estate skyrocketing today. Getting to the bank to lend support at the lowest interest rate is the need of the majority of people when they want to own real estate.

In the area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, … perhaps 3 places hot property has never cooled. Therefore, to own a living space in these places is not easy for middle-income people.

Never before can accumulate enough money several hundred million, billion to have a place to settle. Therefore, the demand for low interest loans is a matter of interest to many people when thinking of buying a home.

The general situation of low interest rate mortgage banks

The common point of banks lending money to buy a house

The common point of banks lending money to buy a house

To meet this real need for residents, now many banks apply incentives with extremely attractive interest rates to stimulate homebuyers. This is good news for those who want to have the perfect place to live without having big money in hand.

However, not all banks offer low interest rates as you plug in. In order to make sure your mortgage payment process is smooth, you need to find out before making a mortgage purchase decision with the lowest interest rate for your intended purpose.

Realestatevietnam updated the list of low interest mortgage banks in 2018.

  1. Bank BIDV

It can be said that BIDV Bank is the name too familiar to everyone. Currently, according to Realestatevietnam , BIDV Bank is providing financial services for home loans up to 100% of the purchase price. In particular, with the loan term is 20 years, especially with the interest rate is always stable 7% / year, the same interest rate in the first loan year.

BIDV-Bank lending low interest rates

BIDV-Bank lending low interest rates

So if you have a need to borrow money to own your own living space can refer to this bank.

  1. VP Bank

If you are looking for low interest rate home loans, VP Bank is the next best option for you. Specifically: Although this unit only supports the interest rate of a 5% mortgage loan for 3 years, it gives loans up to 100% of real estate value and quick loan disbursement rate. fast, neat, fast Therefore, in 2018, many real estate investors have come together with this bank.

  1. OCB Bank

To borrow money to buy low interest home, you can refer to the OCB Orient Bank. This is also a bank on the list of low interest loans.

Specifically, the interest rate remains between 5.99% – 6%, the value of the loan up to 100% of the value of the property you want to own and a maximum term of 20 years. Many people share them very satisfied. When choosing this bank to buy a house, many preferential benefits compared with other banks.

  1. Bank SHB

Known as the lending bank with extremely low interest rates, only from 5 – 7% per year with the registration conditions easy. The maturity date is 2 – 3 years, the loan value ranges from 70 to 80%. So, it can be said that this is a bank on the list you can refer to suitable for real estate that you want to look.

  1. Bank Vietcombank

He is also in the top bank lending low interest rates you should refer. The loan subsidy bank offers up to 70% of the value of a home purchase contract with a maximum loan term of 15 years for individuals who have the need to purchase a home or residential property.

That is a list of bank loans with low interest rates you can refer. However, please consult carefully before deciding which capital flows best for you to invest.

Vietcombank is also one of the banks lending low interest rates

Vietcombank is also one of the banks lending low interest rates

Characteristics of the package of housing loans in banks today

In terms of interest rates

Interest rate is a key issue when borrowing money to buy a house, usually banks attached to the incentive program along with special interest rates. Therefore, it is beneficial for customers to participate in this mortgage service.

About term of loan

When looking for a bank loan, the borrower does not need to worry too much, because the loan term is long enough to allow the borrower to arrange his or her debt (the longest is 20 year). If the loan term is short, the interest rate will be lower than the long loan term.

About the value of the loan

Currently, most banks support up to 70-85% of the total value of the home loan, even if the bank supports 100% of the value of real estate as described above, this is the advantage for people buying  house.

The value of loans from banks to support from 70% -100% real estate.

Conditions for obtaining a loan

You do not have to worry about low interest loan conditions, because the paperwork is quite simple, sometimes without collateral …

About borrowing time in banks

At present, the bank reviews your profile with a fast time and no frills. After reviewing the dossier they will be disbursed to you within 1-2 days.

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