A new standard for the ‘affordable’ real estate

After a period of ” a hundred flowers bloom ” and growing rushing to number, now, when the real estate market has a strong distinction and go into essence, both investors and customers are offering More demand for products that you develop, own.

Celebrate the value of life

According to experts, a real estate project is not only classified in terms of price, but also by many factors, such as location, utility, quality of works, ability to connect traffic, … To honor the values ​​of life, sustainable development and the community in common.

Mr. Duong Duc Hien, Sales Director of Savills Hanoi said: “If in the past, many investors did not pay much attention to the design. Nowadays, this should be considered. The habit of buyers, demands and requirements of customers is high, so investors should pay attention to living space, functions, functions, the allocate the room in the apartment to bring a sense of ventilation, not cramped, to avoid feelings of inferior to the home ground.

Nguyen Van Dinh, deputy general secretary of the Vietnam Association of Real Estate, commented: “When the market is fierce and gradually entering the market, customers are increasingly demanding, understanding Better yet, projects are more and more of similar quality, in that bringing comfortable living, quality and comfort are the best pluses. “

Share with us, Le Thanh Ha experts said: while the market supply is plentiful, each business must itself research and find their own way, develop new products, meet Respond to potential customers. Not only does it deliver sales effectiveness, it also helps to build a civilized, modern city that attracts the resident community.

“Obviously, there has been little change in the real estate market, as investors have sold the market they need, not just what they have. Project is the common point that many investors choose when actively developing products according to market demand, “said Ha.

So, what are the highlights to be able to identify a “good wood” real estate project?

Saigon style is present in every design detail of the project.

Saigon style is present in every design detail of the project.

Like any real estate project, a project that attracts investors must own a beautiful location, with many amenities within the complex. In particular, the owner must pay attention to the spiritual value brought to the residents.

Another point, can not fail to mention the design of the apartment. The apartments at the project always make the owner feel comfortable, peaceful when returning home. The owners will know how to nurture each customer’s emotional moments by creating apartments that are not only beautiful, but also very smart, convenient and evocative.

Green building is the trend of the whole world. Especially, with the speed of urbanization as fast as in Vietnam, finding a green project is not impossible but not much. Especially with affordable apartments is extremely scarce. Now, projects that are out of the common floor of a certain market must have a certain proportion of green space, especially the landscape space, the common space with many trees.

Living space standard, bold substance Saigon

One of the few projects that quickly found the majority of its owners was Tara Residence. According to Le Thanh Ha, “The reason why Tara Residence is chosen by customers is not only a factor, but also a good product because now, customers are more prudent and only good products. New is always the best seller of itself.

Located in Ta Quang Buu new urban area, Ward 6, District 8, Tara Residence is conveniently connected with District 8 People’s Committee, District 8 Hospital, District 8 Sports Center and many schools, banks and supermarkets. …

Relaxing corner for all future residents of Tara Residence.

Relaxing corner for all future residents of Tara Residence.

Tara Residence features Saigon, Saigon character. From the name of the buildings such as Dai Dong, Kinh Do, Dai Nam, Khai Hoan, … associated with the name of the famous movie theater to a retro design style: bold nostalgic and beautiful features. of time. This style gives Tara Residence apartments the diversity (arrangement of furniture) in harmony (layout and color scheme). Investors have secretly sent to the apartment owners the message about the personality of Saigon people: liberal, easy to integrate but also very friendly, loyal.

The project has many green space shady trees help to reduce the heat of the South, bringing residents a green living space, fresh. Not only that, Tara Residence also owns a variety of local amenities, including the following: outdoor coffee garden, sun terrace, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, BBQ garden, squares, gardens, huts, flower arrangements; that is the wooden box toys, kau king, garden memories, multi-purpose area; the aquarium, bonsai, fountains, …

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