A Series Of BT, BOT Projects Is In The View Of Ha Noi

Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Chung has just signed the decision to set up an inter-ministerial working group to inspect a number of investment projects in the form of BT, BOT in the city.

The working group consists of 11 people. In particular, Mr. Vu Duy Tuan – Deputy Director of Department of Planning and Investment of Hanoi is the team leader. Mr. Tran Thanh Hai – Deputy Chief Inspector of Hanoi, Mr. Dong Phuoc An – Deputy Director of Department of Construction Hanoi are as deputy; and 08 members are mostly leaders of departments, branches, localities in Hanoi.

BT, BOT Project

Tran Huu Duc street passes through Xuan Phuong new urban area TASCO

The Hanoi People’s Committee assigns the task force to urge, the departments, the People’s Committees of the districts, the investors and the concerned units to strictly implement the conclusions of the Government Inspectorate. The Government commands Ha Noi People’s Committee on the implementation of a number of investment projects in the form of BT, BOT contracts in the field of transport and environment.

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The working group is responsible for advising the Hanoi People’s Committee on handling difficulties arising in the process of implementation and summing up the implementation results, advising the People’s Committee to report to the Prime Minister and the Government Inspectorate.

Previously, on 16/6/2017 of the Government Inspectorate issued Inspection Conclusion No. 1422 / KL-TTCP on the observance of the provisions of law in the implementation of a number of investment projects in the form of contract BT, BOT in traffic, the environment in Hanoi.

Through the inspection, the Government Inspectorate discovered that the People’s Committee of Hanoi has not properly implemented regulations on the establishment, approval and publicize the list of investment projects in the form of BT, BOT traffic and environment in the period 2008 -2012 influenced the selection of investors to implement the investment policy, reducing investment efficiency, reducing transparency and fair competition.

BT, BOT Project

The route is within the BT project

At the time of the inspection, only one of the 15 BT projects was implemented in the form of bidding, while the remaining 14 were contractor designations.

In addition, the Hanoi People’s Committee did not properly follow the process of selecting investors, appraising and assessing the capacity of some investors is not accurate, not tight; even signing a contract to implement the project for some investors who do not have the required capacity.

Some investors at the appraising, evaluating and selecting the time to carry out the project while the financial capacity was limited.

Typically, Tasco Joint Stock Company despite the limited financial capacity but still selected for the project of Le Duc Tho – Xuan Phuong street; or the case of the Bitexco Group for the road project surrounding the memorial site of Chu Van An.

In addition, there are some violations in the projects such as Yen So Wastewater treatment plant construction project; Le Van Luong Road Construction Investment Project; Project on the construction of the southern backbone of Ha Tay province; Road construction investment project surrounding Chu Van An memorial site; The project of inter-province roads in Hanoi – Hung Yen section through Hanoi … also has led to the project team to add hundreds of billion.

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